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TNPSC VAO Study Material - about Thirvai Jasthi, RSO , Chitta..

TNPSC VAO Study Material - TNPSC VAO Thirvai Jasthi, RSO , Chitta,

Important Assessments:

Assessment (RSO-1).

RSO Stands for Revenue Standing Order

Assessment is fixed based on the classification of land, Soil, availability of water for irrigation, location of the land etc, at the time of settlement. It  Represents the commuted value of Government share of surface cultivation.

(RSO 1) the Charge for Second crop is compoundable.

(RSO 2) the Asessment as per village account 10(1) chitta.

Thirvai Jasthi:

Dry lands irrigated with the help of water from irrigation or other government sources are to be assessed with additional assessment for the year is called Thirvai Jasthi.

Standard rates have been levied of water cess or thirvai Jasthi. However for dry lands under the various irrigation projects separate rules for levy of cess has been framed under RSO 4.2 which should be followed.

Where should Theervai Jasthi Charged:

Thirvai Jasthi is charged when water from any Government resource  like pond, tank, rivers or well , is taken to Dry/Manavari land irrespective of the days of supply.

If the irrigation is for half of the field, then the charge will be for half portion only.

If the irrigation is for more than one crop in field , Different rates, if applicable should be levied as per (RSO 4.5), which might be wet and dry crops in land.

If the water is available in the source course for a period of more than required for a paddy crop and 
if crops which remain on ground for more than six month are raised, it should be charged as Duffusal Crop (exception for Casuina/Bamboo).

Charged when Irrigation of unassessed or Poramboke lands(RSO 4.6) with aid of Government water.

The levy of Thirvai Jasthi is ordered by Tahsildar and he can also levy penalty .

Penalty Details

Taking water for 1st time
Single rate
Taking water for 2nd time
Five times
Taking water for 3rd time
Ten Times
Taking water for 4th time
Twenty Times

Theervai Jasthi should not be Charged.
  • When water is taken for Government purpose by government Department.
  • Irrigation of Seed beds (if it is not irregular) (RSO 4.7)
  • Irrigation with water flowing in Jungle Streams (RSO 4)

Water taken to a dry land from Government source well, etc, which is called illegal Irrigation. 1/4th of  Theervai Jasthi is to be reduced if man or animal power is used to get water.


TNPSC VAO Basics of village administration -About Land Assignment in Villages

TNPSC VAO study material -land assignment in villages -Basics of village administration 

Basis About land Assignment in Villages

To improve the economic condition of the landless poor, the government lands should be utilized. For Homeless poor Government should provide with Shelter.

The Land which is fit for assignment of cultivation and house site, it should be transferred as assessed waste or village site before assignment.

Land Assignment for Cultivation (RSO 15)


The people who are landless , which means those who doesn’t own any land or less land than 3 acres of dry or 1.50 acres of wet for all the district except Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.


The eligible people will get maximum extent for cultivation is 3 acres of dry or 1.5 acres of wet, except the kanyakumari dist.

For kanyakumari it is 1.5 acres dry and .75 acre wet.

The people who get the land should cultivate himself or he can assist by his family members. Even hired labour can be used but most important is, he should not give land for lease.

Land Value:

The Land valued more than Rs 1,000/acre is said to be valuable lands.

Assigning Authorities:

Non valuable land, where value less RS 1000
Divisional officer
the land value more than 20,000
Dist. Revenue Officer
the land value not more than 50,000
Not more than Rs 2 Lakhs
Commissioner of land Administration
Does not exceed rs 2.5 L

The proposal for assignment should be sent to Gvt. The assignment land should be assessed waste or poramboke lands.

Lands which should not be assigned:
  • Burial Ground close to the village should not be assigned
  • Government lands containing valuable trees and thopes should not be assigned
  • There should not be any land assigned in Reserve land boundary.
  • The military area, the land contains minerals, should not be assigned.
  • Lands near Airport, Railway Station should be assigned only after consulting particular authorities.

For Assigning Poramboke land a notice signed by Revenue Inspector should be published in village with full details and calling for any objection. Also there should be a letter to Punchayat for Opinion.


TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 online test

Online Test

TNPSC Current Affairs for Group 4

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 online test
1.In August 2016 India has signed Logistics Exchange and Memorandum of Agreement with which country?






Teachers Job in Indian Army School ( More than 2000 Vacancy)

Combined Selection Screening Examination – 2016(Indian Army School)

Teachers job in Army school across India; there are more than 2000 Job vacancy in Army Public Schools across India. These Schools are managed by Local Army Authorities and affiliated to CBSE through Army Welfare Education Society, inviting application from B.Ed candidate apply online on or before 13th September 2016.

As per 7th pay commission comparable to Central Government respective school management

Selection Procedure:

Stage 1 : Screening Test
Stage 2 : Interview
Stage 3: Evaluating Teaching Skills and Computer proficiency


PGT – Post graduation and B.Ed. with 50 % minimum Marks

TGT-Graduation and B.Ed. with 50 % minimum Marks

PRT- Graduation and B.Ed.Or 2 year Diploma with 50 % Minimum Marks

Age Limit:

For Fresher – less than 40 years
For Experienced – Below 57 years

Syllabus For Screening Test:

For PGT And TGT-

Part A - General Awareness, Mental Ability, English Comprehension, Educational Concepts an Methodology

Part B – Specific to Subject

For PRT Candidate:
General Awareness, Mental Ability, English Comprehension, Educational Concepts an Methodology

Important Date :
Registration Date – 17th August 2016
Last date for Registration – 13th September 2016

Examintion: 26/27 November 2016

Important Links:

For more detail about the list of Schools, Center for Exam, and other details please click on the above advertisement link which will help you to get the advertisement details of Job.


TNPSC VAO Basic Study Material - Fasli Jasthi, Wet Crops, Duffasal Crop , Dry Crops

TNPSC VAO study material- tnpsc vao Fasli Jasthi, Wet Crops, Duffasal Crop , Dry Crops

Basic about Fasli Jasthi, Wet Crops, Duffasal Crop , Dry Crops

Fasli Jasthi:

In a single crop wet lands, the farmer can raise a crop with help of Government water during the Fasli year. If water is taken for second crop from government irrigation source for growing Crop, then there will be extra charge will be levy, which is called Fasli Jasthi.

In Simple the additional amount levied in the same Fasli year for the land.

Wet crop:

Usually extra charge should be 50 Percent of the assessment fixed for the land when wet crop is rasied. If there is any different rate fixed by Gvt , then the particular rate should be charged.

Duffasal Crop:

Crops which grows more than one season is known as Duffasal Crop.  Example of Duffasal Crop are, Sugarcane, Turmeric, etc..

For these crops which grown and harvested with the help of Gvt water in the particular Fasili year, the charge will be one and half (1 ½) times the assessment.

If these Duffusal Crop grown in one fasli year and harvested in next Fasli year,

  • Without any other crops grown in both the fasli year, single wet assessment should be levied.
  • If one crop is raised before or after the dufusal crop , the wet assessment for the first year and one and half (1 ½) time wet assessment will be levied for second year.
  • If 2 crops are raised one before and another after the duffusal crop , single wet assessment levied for the first year and twice the assessment for next year.

These charges are leviable, even water is taken for a short period rather than entire period (RSO 5A)
The usage of water for irrigation from pond, minor streams, natural pools etc can be permitted, there will be no water cess as long as it should not affect the rights of the government or other public .

Dry Cops:

If dry crops is raised in wet land, wet assessment applicable for that land should be levied.  

The dry cop raised after the first crop is harvested, there will be no charge should levied, only if water is taken from Government source. This will be at the special rate prescribe for it and if it is more than 50 per cent of the wet assessment , the latter should be charged (RSO 5)

Account No 6 : which contains Fasli Jasthi, Theervai Jasthi and the penality to be collected from the pattadars who use water.


TNPSC VAO Basic Study Material - about Jamabandi

                                                     TNPSC VAO Study Material 


What is Jamabandi?

Jamabandi is also known as Annual Settlement of Village Accounts. It means Right of records and refers to land records. These records are maintained in each village , which contains the name of the owner , area of cultivation of land , shares of owner and other rights of Owner.

Who Prepares Jamabandi?

Jamabandi is prepared by Government official who keeps an maintain rights of record called Patwari. It should be attested by Revenue Officer.

There should be 2 copies of Jamabandi has to be prepared and one should keep in Government records and 2nd with Patwari.

The Main Purpose of preparing Jamabandi is to rectify the error which made by Village Accountant in village records. It is like giving second opportunity to the village Accountant to rectify his error in village Records.

Activities under Jamabandi:

The Land Revenue to be collected in each village after including the water charges, penalty for unauthorised occupation charges etc, which is finalised once in a year before end of Fasli which means before 30th June. This is called Jamabandi or Annual Settlement of Village Accounts.

Jamabandi which is also an annual review of work done by village administrative officer, Revenue Inspector, Tahsildar, zonal Deputy Tahsildar.  So the Village Accounts become final only when it gets approval from Jamabandi Officer.

Presiding Officer and commencement of Jamabandi.

The Collector, District Revenue Officer and the divisional officer should verify all the accounts and approve it in each Taluk. Collector may depute other deputy collector level office to preside over the Jamabadhi and finalise annual demand.

Jamabandi should complete before 30th June which means before the close of Fasli. It there is any delay in Completing before Fasli, there should be proper permission from commissioner of Revenue Administration and with proper explanation to commence after the Fasli.

During Jamabandi it gives opportunity to the public to meet the officers to get solution for issues like water charges, penalty refund, patta transfer etc, also public issues like street light, Road facility, water facility ect.

 The Jamabandi will be conducted as per collector approval. It will be completed in one sitting. So records should be readily avalibale for checking.

In short Jamabandi is a checking of village accounts , to ensure that the all village accounts written correctly. With the help of Jamabandi , the income due to Government by way of Fasli Jasthi, Theervai Jasthi, B.Memos  charges penalty, proper and timely sale of fishery rentals and Usufruct of trees will be ensured.

Usufruct – the legal right of use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person as long as the property is not damaged.

Air India Engineering Services Limited (971 vacancies as Aircraft Technician).

AIR India Engineering Services

Air India Engineering Services is an Aircraft maintenance , Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Organisation which undertakes all the MRO activities in India. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air India Limited. It invites Diploma candidate for 971 Vacancies as Aircraft Technician which opens online application as on 20.08.2016 and closed on 31.10.2016.

Educational Qualification:

1.      AME Diploma/Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering from Institution approved by DGCA .
2.      OR 4 years Diploma in Aircraft /Electrical/Istrument/Radio Artificer training conducted by Indian Navy
3.      OR Diploma in Engineering in Mechanical/Electrical/Instrumentation/Electronica and Telecommunication recognised by State or Central government with 60 % marks( 55% for SC, OBC and ST categories)

Age Limit and Relaxation:

Should not be more than 28 years
For SC/ST  5 years relaxation
For OBC it is 3 years relaxation

Vacancy Details

Aircraft Technician
No.of Vacancy

Advertisement Detail:

Please click the below link to get the complete detail about the advertisement:

Apply Online:

Candidate can apply by clicking below link:

Candidate who prepare for the test, you can check our online test for your General Knowledge preparation and also you can get the latest Current affairs in our website


TNPSC Group 4 Exam ( vacancy 5451)

TNPSC Group IV Exams 2015-2016

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission invited application for Group -IV Exams in online from 09.08.2016 to 08.09.2016 for the year 2015-2016 for the post 5451.

Post and Vacancy:

Name of the post
Name of the Service
Number of Vancy
Junior Assistant (Non -Security)
T.N Ministerial and T.N Judicial Ministerial service
Junior Assistant (Security)
T.N Ministerial and T.N Judicial Ministerial service
Bill collector ,
Grade I
T.N Ministerial and T.N Judicial Ministerial service
Field Surveyor
T.N Survey and land records subordinate service
T.N Survey and land records subordinate service
T.N Ministerial / Judicial Ministerial and Secretrariat service
T.N Ministerial and T.N Judicial Ministerial service


Education Qualification:

1. Must have passed S.S.L.C Public examination or its equivalent .

2. (For Typist and Steno-Typist) must have passed government technical examination both in type writing and short hand.

Age Limit:

18 yrs
35 yrs
18 yrs
32 yrs
18 yrs
30 yrs
Person trained in survey in ITI in T.N for Field surveyor and draftsman
18 yrs
35 yrs

For More Details, Please check the advertisement:

Exam Fee:
One Time Registration fee Rs.50
Examination Fee Rs.75


If you are already registered with One time Registration then we don’t want to register again .

Apply Online:

Please click the below link to apply for TNPSC Group IV exam

Preparation and Book Reference:

Dear Candidate don't waste your money in Coaching center , we have given the complete guidance for the candidate in below links with respective books,

Brief Details:

Name of the post
TNPSC Group IV Services
Age limit
35 yrs
SSLC and Type writing(for Typist and Steno Typist)
Pay scale

Job Location
last date for apply
Advertisment link
To apply online/ offline

TNPSC VAO Basics of village administration - about Tamil Nadu Irrigation

                   TNPSC VAO Basic Study Material

                   TNPSC VAO- Tamil Nadu Irrigation

The Tamil Nadu irrigation sources are maintained either by public works department or by the concerned Panchayat union .

In Tamil Nadu we have thousands of Irrigation tanks/sources for storing  the surface rain water or water from rivers or from other sources for the cultivation of land.

Apart from these we can fed water directly from the rivers or river channels.

Here we have classified various rivers as per availability of water.

  • Class I – Perennial rivers, water available throughout the year (whole 12 Months)
  • Class II – Water available for 8 to 10 months (8-10 Months)
  • Class II – Water available for 5 to 8 months (5-8 months)
  • Class IV- Water available for 3 to 5 months (3-5 months)
  • Class V – Water available for less than 3 months (0-3 months).

Responsibility for maintenance of Irrigation:

The responsibility for proper maintenance of these irrigation lies with the Public work department and Rural Departments

If there is any repairs required for these tanks or any prevention from damage during the rainy season and protection of trees and the tanks requires attention of VAO at village level.

VAO must bring it to the knowledge of Revenue Divisional Officer or Collector if any action required to help the public to get the water un -interruptedly for irrigation.

What is meant by Irregular Irrigation?

The Ayacut of each irrigation canal source has been defined, so the water to any of the ayacut land should be taken only from the permitted canal source. So taking water other than these source is Irregular Irrigation.

For this Irregular Irrigation penalty should be levied. Action will be taken after the consultaion with Public works Department.

What is Meant by Illegal Irrigation?

Illegal Irrigation which means , when water is taken from Govt Source for Dry, Manavari, or Government Poromboke lands for Cultivaion.

Those lands which are not entitled to water from any of these sources, then only it is illegal. The land which is entitled to get water from Govt Source are Legal.

If there is any unauthorised withdrawal of water from Gvt Sources, it will consider as theft under Indian Penal code and there will be legal action against them.


The Public works department will prepare the estimate for tanks/Irrigation sources and which is send to the collector for remarks. The collector will examine the same on the need or otherwise and send back to the public works department with or without his remarks.

Public works department should not send any repair estimates for his remarks, instead they can send any need for change in Sill level of the existing sluices, crest level of weirs, surplus arrangements etc.. or any alteration is existing structures.

For Special Minor Irrigation project scheme, collectors agreement should be obtained.


TNPSC Current Affairs October 2016 (whole month)

TNPSC GK Current Affairs

1.The 19th SAARC summit at Islamabad has postponed indefinitely after Sri Lanka has joined with India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan who opposed the SAARC Summit after URI Attack .

2. The Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT) has decided to establish training centre in high-altitude at Manjakollaipudur on Yelagiri Hills.

It is said that the Training center would have 400 mt eight-lane track an field. It also have Hockey field, volley ball and basket ball courts, kabaddi court and Gym hall.

1. China has blocked the tributary of Brahmaputra river for Hydroelectric project. The Lalho project was began on 2014 , investment of $740 million for 42 MW power generation capacity.


Brahmaputra river
 originates from Angsi Glacier, southeast of Mt Kailash and Mansarovar Lake in Western Tibet. It flows through Himalayas and enter into India through Arunachal Pradesh.

2. Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman of State Bank of India gets one more year as extension.

TNPSC Current Affairs

India the World's third biggest emitter of Carbon has ratified the Paris agreement on climate change on Oct 2 2016

India including 62 countries ratified the paris pact which estimate of world's 52 percentage of Carbon emission committed to stem the Planet's rising temperature

2. Abu Dhabi Crown Prince is to be Guest for the 2017 Republic Day of India. The Announcement has made by Union Ministry of External Affairs spokes person Vikas Swarup.
Guest of last 3 Rpublic day .
2016-Francois Hollande ( France President)
2015-Barack Obama (US President)
2014-Shinzo abe (Japanese Prime Minister)

TNPSC Current Affairs

1.Japanese Researcher Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan won the Nobel Prize for Medicinefor the work on Autophagy .

Autophagy is a process where Cells eat themselves - when it is disrupted can cause Parkinson's and Diabetes.

Yoshinori Ohsumi received a PhD from University of Tokyo. He is the 23rd Japanese to win Nobel prize and 6th Japanese in Medicine.

2. Reliance Group signed an agreement with Dassault aviation of France (the makers of Rafale Fighter Jets) for a Joint venture in India to execute recently concluded Rafale deal of 36 Rafale Jets worth Rs.59,000 Crore.

3.Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh has declared the Urban areas are Open Defecation Freeby the Union Urban Development Ministry .

These are the first state to become the Open Defecation Free in India. It has been announced on 2nd anniversary of Swach Bharat also father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday.

TNPSC Current Affairs October 5

TNPSC Current Affairs

1. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to give Nobel prize for physics to three British scientist, David J. Thouless, F. Duncan M. Haldane, J. Michael Kosterlitz

This year Noble laureates has opened the door on and unknown world where matter can assume strange states. They have used advanced mathematical methods to study unusual phases or states, of matter such as superconductors, super fluids  or thin magnetic films – Jury said.

The three Laureates’ usd of topological concepts in physics was decisive for their discoveries. Topology is a branch of mathematics that describes properties that only change step-wise.

2. Reserve bank of India’s newly monetary  policy committee  cuts the Repo rate at which it lends to other banks by 25 basis point (.25%) bringing down to 6.25% from 6.50%.

It will helps customer to buy home and vehicle loans cheaper. Reserve bank has reduced 175 basis points since 2015.
What is repo Rate?
Repo rate (re purchase rate) is the rate which reserve bank of india lends money to other banks in the time of shortfall of funds
What is Reverse repo Rate?

Reverse Repo is the rate at which reserve bank of india borrows money from other bank of the country

3. Ariane 5 hevy-lift warehorse from Europe is set to launch India's Communication satellite GSAT-18 from Kourou, French Guiana

This satellite will help to continuity of services on operational satellites in C-band, extended C-band and Ku-bands

TNPSC Current affairs 2016 Oct 6

TNPSC Current Affairs

1.Jean-Pierre Sauvage. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa has won the Nobel prize for Chemistry for the work on Machine which is 1000 times small than Human Hair.

Jury said that they have developed the molecules with controllable movements , which can perform a task when energy is added.

This world's smallest machine can one day act as artificail muscle to power tiny robots or even prosthetic Limbs,

Jean-Pierre Savage - France
Fraser Stoddart - Brittain
Bernard Feringa - Netherland

2.Antonio Guterres is set to become the next United nation Secretary – General

Antonia Guterres is the former Prime minister of Portuguese , he is going to succeed Ban ki Moon

3.'United nation's International court of Justice has rejected the Nuclear Case against India . The case brought by the tiny Marshall Islands against India, Britain and Pakistan for failing to halt the Nuclear Arms

'International court of Justice is in Hague, Netherlands . It is referred to be a world bank.

4.'Union Government has approved " the HIV and AIDS Bill 2014" . This will protect he AIDS patients againts any discrimination and could land in jail for 2 years along with fine upto Rs 2 Lakh for discriminating HIV positive people.

TNPSC Current affairs October 7

TNPSC Current Affairs

1.Srilankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe informed that India and Srilanka will sign an Enhanced bilateral economic partnership agreement by end of this year.
India and srilanka has already have Free Trade agreement.

2.Cyclone Hurricane Mathew has killed more than 300 people in Haiti .
Haiti is located in North America  in Island Hispaniola. Hurricane Mathew is a strong Tropical cyclone which blown over Atlantic Ocean.

TNPSC Current Affairs Oct 8

TNPSC Current Affairs

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has won the Nobel Peace Prize 2016 for his efforts to end conflict with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Mr, Santos Signed the landmark Peace deal last month with Revolutionary Armed Forces leader Rodrigo Londono, alias Timeleon Timochenko Jimenez of Country's 50 years long civil war. However Colombia's Voters rejected the Peace deal later.

Nobel Prize Fact:

Alfred Nobel 
from Sweden has established the Prizes in 1895 to recognize the achivers in various field . The prize ceremony will held annually on Stockholm, Sweden ( Except Prize for Peace). Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony will held in Oslo , Norway

2. Iyyappan Subramaniyan 
from Chennai has been named as the winner of World of Children Humanitarian Award 2016. The Award for Iyyappan for his extraordinary service towards the mentally retarded , abandoned children for their wellness.

World of Children Humanitarian award has recognized as the "Nobel prize for child Advocates". Iyyappan will get a award with a minimum of $50,000.

3.India Air Force Celebrating 84th year of commission. Indian Air Force day October 8


TNPSC Current Affairs October 9

TNPSC Current Affairs

1.U.S President Barack Obama has lifted the Economic sanctions against the Myanmar.

2. D.Pandian Former CPI State leader has released his book named "Medai Paechu".

3. Vishnu Vardhan won the singles Fenesta National Tennis Championship and Riya Bhatia won the womens singles National Tennis Championship.


Dampa Tiger Reserve 
is in Lushai Hill Ranges of Mizoram. It is place for many endangered species like , Hoolock Gibbon which India's only ape species and more.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 10

TNPSC Current Affairs

1. Himansh the Glaciological research facility of India started functioning at an altitude of 13,500 feet in Spiti valley of  Himalayas . 
The research lab has been established by the National Centre for Antartic and Ocean Research (NCAOR). This Lab has advanced automatic weather Stations, geodetic GPS system, Ground penetrating radars and other facilities to study about Glaciers and their discharge.
Spiti Valley is mountain valley located in north eastern part of Himachal Pradesh in Himalayas.

2.Janani Suraksha Yojana was launched in 2005 as part of National Rural Health Mission to improve maternal and Neonatal Health.
Three important areas it covers is Maternal care, Full antenatal care, safe delivery and Postnatal care.
1. Nick Krygios won the Japan open Tennis Tournament beating Belgian David Goffin by 4-6,6-3,7-5
2.Nico Rosberg Won the Japanese Grand Pix in Suzuko and Mercedes team Seals the Title.






TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 12

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.Nobel Prize for economics 2016 has given to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom
Oliver Hart is from Harvard University, Cambridge , MA,  USA. And Bengt Holmstrom is from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge , MA, USA.
Contract Theory is studies the design of formal and informal agreements that motivate people with conflicting interests to take mutually beneficial action.Contract theory  guides us in structuring arrangements between employers and employees, shareholders and chief executives, and companies and their suppliers
In Simple Contract theory will not see the outcome from employee,  it will motivate or give incentive for the person who works efficiently and punish if he shirks
for more understanding click the below link.

2.Under Swachh rail-Swachh bharat programme , Indian railways plan to fit bio-toilets in all trains by 2020-2021.
The Rail route from Rameshwaram to Manamadurai  section has declared as the country's first 'Green Train Corridor'. This Section is absolutely free from human waste discharge.
The first Bio toilet fit train is Bundelkhand express, between Gwalior and Varanasi in 2011


TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 13

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.India and Russia set to sign a deal for 200 Kamov 226 T Helicopters.
As per the defence source nearly $1 billion worth has going to signed on the sidelines of the BRICS 2016 summit in Goa on Oct 14-16.
This Kamov 226T helicopters is likely to replace the existing old Cheetah /chetaks herlicopters.
2.BRICS is the association of five major emerging national economies in World: Brazil , Russia, India, China, and South Africa. 
Initially the association has named as BRIC which doesn’t have South Africa. In 2010 South Africa has been added in Group hence it is called BRICS. Russia hosted the first meet. In 2016, India is hosting the Meet in Gao.

Hosting Country and the year
Date of hosting
Host country
26-27 March 2013
  South Africa
14-16 July 2014
8-9 July 2015
15-16 October 2016

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 14

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.India is going to sign with Russia for five S-400 Surface-to-air missile systems worth $5-billion to boost country's air defense.
The agreement will be finalized on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit 2016 in Goa. S-400 Surface-to-air missile can destroy incoming aircraft, missiles and drones up to the range of 400 km.
This is equipped with Long-range radars than can tracks hundreds of targets at the same time. It is designed to knock down aerodynamic flying targets . This includes targets with stealth technologies.
Only RUSSIA, China and USA has such capability to neutralize aerial strike of multiple targets, including ballistic missiles and stealth aircraft from a distance

2.Maldives has withdrawn from Commonwealth .
It has accusing commonwealth for interfering in domestic matters and “unfair and unjust treatment”
Maldives has already warned by commonwealth for failing to progress on democracy, Freedom of speech, detention of opponents and independence of the judiciary.
Maldives foreign minister Mohamed Asim said that the decision to leave the commonwealth was difficult but inevitable.
In Past Commonwealth has suspended Pakistan, Fiji, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe for oppression towards citizens. It doesn’t expelled any country formally but Zimbabwe in 2003 and Gambia in 2013 withdrawn from Common wealth voluntarily

3.American Musician Bob Dylan has won the Nobel literature prize 2016 for creating new poetic expressions with American song tradition

4.World’s longest reigning monarch King from Thailand , Bhumibol Adulyadej has died

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 16

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.India and Russia a signed 3 agreements worth $10 Billion. India Prime minister 
Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a agreement in BRICS 2016 for five S-400 Triumf Air defence systems and four Stealth Frigates and also a joint venture to make Kamov-226T Helicopters in India.
S-400 is considered as one of the most advanced long range defence systems wihch can tackle all Air-borne targets at a range of upto 400 km.

2.Kigali Agreement, Rawanda
1997 Countries came to an agreement in Kigali , Rawanda to limit Global Warming (HFCsemmission ) mainly from Air conditioners.
HFCs Hydro fluorocarbons a family of green house gas that are mainly released from Air-conditioner and Refrigerator. The Agreement would lead to reduction of 0.5 Degree global temperature by end of the Century.
India's Stand:
India will freeze using HFCs by 2028 on a 2024-2026 baseline which means India will not emit more HFC after 2031.
US has agreed to freeze HFC on 2019 or ealier.

3.Indian Vice- President Hamid Ansari   has set to sign 2 agreements between India And Hungary ,one of them is relating to water management and others in Information Technology. 
4. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) has started 3rd and 4th units after successfully completing 1st tow units VVer 1,000- MWe,

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 17

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1. 8th BRICS Summit ended on Sunday in Goa with declaration which pledged opposition to terrorism.

In Last day of Summit I
ndia and Russia signed the world's costliest Gas Pipeline project around $25 Billion.
The Pipeline will transport gas from Siberia to India, the world 3rd largest energy consumer.

2.China is going to launch Shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft. This spacecraft will take 2 male astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong into spacefrom Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. 
This mission will be carried out with  Long March- 2f Carrier rocket and will dock with space lab Tiangong-2.
This will be longest ever crewed one by the country, they will stay for 30 days in space for research

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 18

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1. India Made INS Arihant nuclear powered Ballistic Missile submarine is quietly commissioned into Indian Navy by Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba.

Arihant is capable of carying Nuclear tipped ballistic missiles (ship submersible Ballistic Nuclear) SSBN. It has the capablity of hit back after being hit by nuclear weapon.

It is important for India because India has committed No-first-Use Policy as part of Nuclear doctrine.
The Arihant weighing 6,000 tonne powered by a 83 MW pressurised light water nuclear reactor. It asl aremed with K-15 Sagarika missiles with range of 750 km and much longer range K-4 missiles being developed by DRDO( Defence Research and Development Organisation ).

Arihant vessel was built under the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) project at the Ship Building Center in the port city of Vishakapatnam.
Arihant was launched on July 26 2009  anniversary of Kargil war Victory Day(Vijay Diwas) by the then Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh.

2. Indian Vice-President Hamid Ansari 3 days visit to Hungary Concludes by signing two important agreement. one is on water management and another in Information Technology. He then Flew to Algeria.

3.BIMSTEC is a Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation comprising Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand held it first Global Diplomatic outreach during the BRICS Summit with BRICS Countries.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 19

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1. Prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 3 hydel projects which was laid foundation by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajapayee in Himachal Pradesh.

Three Hydro-Electric Projects are:
·                     Kol Dam : 800 MW capacity executed by National Thermal Power corporation(NTPC)
·                     Parbati : 540 MW capacity executed by  National Hydro power corporation (NHPC)
·                     Rampur : 412 MW capacity executed by Sutlej Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN)
These Three power projects with generating capacity of 1752 MW will boost the Himachal pradesh Power supply. All the three power projects are supported by Bharat Heavy Electrical limited (BHEL) with Equipment. 

2.INS Tihayu - Water Jet Fast Attack Craft (WJFAC) was commissioned into the Indian Navy by the Flag-Officer-Commanding-in-Chief of the eastern Naval Command Vice-Admiral H.C.S Bisht.
This is the 350-tonne vessel and it is the sixth to be commissioned and allotted to the Eastern Fleet of the Navy.It can achieve the top speed of 35 knots per hour.
It is fitted with 3 water jet propulsion systems, powered by marine diesel engines generating 
2720 KW of power, also loaded with 30mm CRN gun, machine guns, and shoulder launched IGLA surface to air missile.

3. Saina Nehwal has been appointed as a member of International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Athletes commission. 
Athletes commission of International Olympic Committee is chaired by Angelo Ruggiero, which has 9 vice president and 10 members,.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 20

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.India and Myanmar has agreed to cooperate in security and strategic issues and signed three agreements.
Myanmar State Counselor, also the Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has said that Myanmar is behind India in the field of economic and Political development but we are confident that we will able to make up. India agreed to assist in Insurance, Power and banking Sector.

India also offered power supply from Moreh in Manipur to Tamu in Myanmar. India also partner in pilot LED electrification project in Myanmar Government Site as Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi Said.

2.India and China Conducted first time military exercises in Jammu & Kashmir in Eastern Ladakh. 
Army said that this Exercise is part to enhance interaction and cooperation between India and China, under the provision of Border Defence Cooperation Agreement 2013

3. India and Algeria is keen on Joint venture arrangment for a multi-billion dollar fertilizer plant located in Algeria. 
India Seeks 49 % share with Algeria's Phosphate block which having capacity of 6-billion Tonne.
India's Bilateral Trade with Algeria is currently stands at $1.5 Billion.

4. Indian Prime minister Narendra modi and Srilankan President Maithripala Sirisenain their recent meeting in sideline of BRICS Summit, they decided to scrap the coal project in Tincomalee,Srilanka due to environmental issue.
Srilanka has planned to build Liquefied natuaral gas, solar and wind power without affecting enironment. India offered to build a solar power plant in Trincomalee.
China already built power plant in Norocholai with the capacity of 900 MW in Srilanka.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 21

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.World trade organisation's mini-ministerial meeting of 2016 has happening at Oslo, Norway on October 21-22.

WTO is the Global International Organisation deals with the rules of Trade between Nations. Its main motto is to help producers of goods and services, exporters and importers conduct their business.

WTO s officially started on 1 January 1995 under the Marrakesh Agreement , signed by 123 Nations, which replace the General Agreement and Tarrifs and Trade (GATT).

"Marrakesh Agreement means, the Agreement which has been Signed in Marrakesh, Morocco by 124 nations to form World Trade Organisation in 1994."

WTO is located in Geneva, Switzerland and its current Director-General is Roberto Azevedo.

2.Prime Minister Narendra Modi 
Going to Launch Regional connectivity Scheme -UDAN (Ude Desh ka Naagrik) on Oct-21 2016.

UDAN will help to increase the Domestic Air passengers, which reduces the Air Fare as Rs 2500/per Hour. It also helps to Growth in Tourism, balance Regional Growth and Employment Oportunities in hinterland.

It connects more than 50 unserved and under-served airports in small and medium cities.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 22

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October

1.Compensatory Afforestation fund bill  
Union Government will frame rules for Rs. 40,000 Cr. forest fund to help state within this month.
Environment Ministry said that this fund is the follow-up to the Compensatory Afforestation fund bill which passed by parliament in the monsoon Season. 
The Compensatory Afforestation fund bill proposes to dispense the details which has. over the years, collected money from various projects which have diverted forest land for infrastructure development. 
What is compensatory Afforestation ?
Compensatory Afforestation which means to make up for forest land which was diverted for "Non forest Purpose". 
Non Forest purpose which means cultivation of coffee, tea, spices, rubber etc.and any purpose other than Afforestation. so whenever a forest land used for such purpose, this act tell that another non-forest land should be afforested as a compensatory measure.

2.Smooth-Coated Otter Sighted for first time in Krishna Sanctuary- Andhrapradesh 
Smooth -coated Otter has sighted first time in the mangrove forest near the Krishna wildlife Sanctuary, in Andhra Pradesh.
Smooth Coated Otter has been listed as "Vulnerable" in Red data book of International union for Conservation of Nature(ICUN).
Divisional Forest Officer N,Nageswra Rao said that presence of otter is a key indicator to the rise of Mangrove forest.

3. Indian coast Guard Ships Aryaman and Atulya were commissioned into Indian Coast Guard in Kochi .
These Ships are the 18th and 19th in the series of Twenty fast patrol vessel designed and built by Kochi Shipyard, Kerala.

4. Almati Dam in Karnataka has been chosen for the World Bank's award of Excellencefor best utilization of funds for renovation to enhance the strength of the dam.
Earlier World bank has provided Rs 72 crore to the Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam Limited to prevent seepage which could damage the dam.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 23

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October

1. Kabaddi World Cup 2016

won the Kabaddi World cup beating Iran  in Ahmedabad, India by points 38 -29.

India has won the 2016 Kabaddi World cup, this is India's  Third World Cup win, previous 2 world cup held  in 2004 and 2007, in both occasion India Triumphed.

2. One India Concept:

Central Government has working with State Government on the most ambitious concept of  'ease of doing business " in India with concept name "One India"

As per this concept Central Government is trying to push the state government under "one form one Portal" Model aimed at attracting huge investments, and processes will be simplified to an extent where investors just need to fill only a single e-form for investing and doing business all over India. Currently there was multiply forms, Procedures to be filled.

3. Tawang Festival

Tawang Festival 
is celebrated in Tawang Region in Arunachal Pradesh near Indo-China Border.

This is tourism festival which was introduced in 2012, this year is the 3rd edition. This is three day festival which aims to promote tourism and showcase the culture and tradition of Tawang. It also promote adventure tourism and all the tribes of the region.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 24

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October

TNPSC Exam Point of View current Affairs

1. Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana (UDAY) - Tamil Nadu Likely to join.
Tamil Nadu Decided to join the Central Governmen't's Scheme of UDAY (Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana) to achieve financial turnaround of state-owned power distribution Companies.
This Scheme will help State -owned Power distribution companies that the State shall take over 75 % of DISCOM Debt in 2 Phases and for remaining 25 % state Government will issue bonds as Guarantee. It also makes the State to take over the future losses of DISCOMS from 2016-17 next financial year.

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) -Tamil Nadu Impact
Once the Scheme implemented the Tamil Nadu state Government has to bear the 30,000 Crore Debt of TANGEDCO. This Scheme makes the DISCOM's Debt to be moved to State Government Balance Sheet and increase in  liability and debt may increase due to issue of bond by State Government .
Benefits for TANGEDCO
This Scheme will help to move TANGEDCO's Debt to Tamil Nadu State Government which will save Rs 3000 crore annually. From Next fiscal year State Government has to bear the Losses occurring in TANGEDCO
What is UDAY?
Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana is a central Government Scheme to financial turnaround and revival package for electricity distribution companies of India to get permanent solution for financial Crisis for Electricity board. It is introduced in November 2015 by Power, Coal & New Renewable Energy, Minister of State, Shri Piyush Goyal.
Four Important Initiatives:
·                     Improving Ooperational efficiencies
·                     Reduction of Cost Power
·                     Reduction of Interest Cost
·                     Enforcing Financial Discipline

HABITAT III  is a  United nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable urban Development which is held in Quito, Ecuador on Oct 17-20 2016. The Challenges of rapidly urbanising world and providing people with equal opportunities in cities were the central theme 2016 
This is United Nations 3rd in the series since 1976 to reinvigorate the global political commitment to the sustainable development of town, cities, and other human settlements both rural and urban.

The World's Oldest Aircraft Carrier , INS Virat has given the Grand send-off in Kochi . INS Virat was towed by 3 tugs to Mumbai from Kochi. It was First commissioned in 1959. This was the last British Built Ship serving for Indian Navy.
4. President of India , Pranab Mukherjee is to visit the Nepal in November to address the differences between Groups in Plain and Kathmandu Valley that led the Month - long blockade in 2015.
Not Important to Exam: But to Know
1. The recently concluded 36 Rafael French Fighter Deal, Reliance group and French Partner Dassault will be commissioned in Reliance Nagpur SEZ as joint venture as Dassault Reliance Aerospace.

2.State Postal Department has introduced to get Post Cards, Revenue stamps, Envelopes, postage stamps and inland letters to their Door Steps by Post man.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 25

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1. Neutrino in Tamil Nadu

India-Born Australian Physicist Chennupati Jagadish has backed the India-based Neutrino Observatory(INO) which is proposed to come in Bodi East hills in Theni District, Tamil Nadu.It is a particle physics research project to study about the atmospheric Neutrino.

What is Neutrino?

Neutrinos are elementary particle like electron, but which is not the part of Electron. An Elementary particles which is not broken further.

Previous Scientific Discoveries has found that there is 2 more particles similar to Electron called Muon and Tau. These 3 has Neutrino partner called Electron Neutrino , Muon Neutrino, and Tau Neutrino. The Electron, Muon and Tau are negatively charged particles and Neutrino is chargless an doesnt have mass.

Neutrons are found in abundance, because of weakly interactive nature, it is very difficult to study about it. Initially there was a thought that neutrino is maseless particles but recent studies reveal that it has small mass.

Neutrino Oscillation :

Recent Discovery that neutrino changes from one type to another as they travel. An electron neutrino which is produced in sun which converts into Muon Neutrino or Tau Neutrino on its flight to the earth which is called Neutrino Oscillation. This is the discovery which reveals that Neutrino has Mass.


INO has going to construct the Detector to detect the naturally Producing Neutrino in atmosphere. It will be very difficult to detect neutrino signals which is produced in atmosphere becasue of other particles signals in atmosphere. To come over this difficulty scientist has planned to built the observatory inside the mountain so they can detect Neutrino signal easily , because it can penetrate easily anything because of its weakly interactive nature.

About Bodi Lab:

The lab is under mountain about 1300 m deep. The Neutrino Detector is called Calorimeter. It consists of detector called RPC(Resistiv plate chamber) arranged in stack of  layers and it also consists of ,50,000 tonnes of magnetised iron plates arranged in stack layer spaces. This is massive detector weighing 50ktons and its the world's largest electromagnet.

2. ISRO has Started Landing test for Chandrayan-2 Mission.

Indian Space Research Organisation has started the landing test for Chandrayan - 2  in its new site Challakere in Chitradurga district , 400 km near Bangaluru.

It has started the series of ground and aerial tests which is linked to the landing of Chandrayan-2. The ISAC (ISRO satellite Center) which is the lead center for the 2nd moon mission, has artifically created ten craters to stimulate lunar terrain and test the lander's sensors.

ISAC will conduct many tests on avionics and electronics, testing the lander's leg followed by full test in Bangaluru and Chitradurga.

3. URJA Ganga Ambitious gas Pipeline Project:

Prime minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the ambitious Gas Pipline Project Urja Ganga in his lokh sabha constituency Varanasi.

This Gas Pipeline project is aimed to bring the piped Cooking gas to the people of Varanasi within 2 year and in another year to provide million of people in state of Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal  and Jharkand.

An 800 km MDPI pipeline will be laid and 50,000 household and 20,000 vehicle will get PNG and CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) gas respectively which cheaper and cleaner. It will be environment friendly.

4.Indo-Tibetan Border police (ITBP) 55th Raising Day.

Indo- Tibetan Border Police celebrated its 55th Raising day on Ocotber 24 2016.

ITBP has deployed on October 24 1962 to safegaurd the karakoram pass in ladakh to Jalep la in Arunachal pradesh covering 3488 km. This is 55th year of raising.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 26

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.National Tribal Carnival 2016, New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first National Tribal Carnival in Indra Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.
Main Motive about the Carnival
As per Indian Government Press release, the main purpose of this carnival is to promote a sense of inclusiveness among the tribal. The carnival will showcase and promote various facets of tribal culture on a large scale. The underlying idea is to preserve and promote various facets of the tribal life relating to culture, tradition, customs and their skills and to expose it to the general public with a view to utilizing the potential for overall holistic development of the Scheduled Tribe

Prime minister about Tribal Carnival
Prime Minister complemented the Tribal Group for their role in conservation the nature.He said that tribal had the skill to make innovative products from local material. he also  informed that Government will not disturb tribal settlement.
Government will use modern technology such as underground mining and coal gasification, which would minimize disturbance to tribal settlements.
2. Heart of Asia -Istanbul Process Conference , Amritsar, India- 2016.
Pakistan has announced that it will attend the "Heart of Asia Conference" which is going to held in India. Pakistan Foreign minister Sartaj Aziz said that Pakistan decision to attend the conference , which is focused on the future of Afghanistan.
What is Hear of Asia - Istanbul Process?
It is established to provide the platform to discuss regional issues, security, political and economic cooperation among Afghanistan and neighbor countries.
Members countries are , Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Soudi Arabia, Tajikistan  , Turkey, Turkmenistan, UAE.
1st Conference - Istanbul, Turkey
2nd Conference - Kabul, Afghanistan.
3rd Conference - Almaty , Kazakhstan.
4th Conference - Beijing , China.
5th Conference - Islamabad, Pakistan
6th Conference - New Delhi, India.
7th Conference to be held-  Amritsar, India.

3. World Bank Ranking - Ease of Doing Business
AS per world bank survey, India has inches up one rank at 130 in ease of doing business among 190 nation.
India has performed better in providing commercial power supply, simplifying tax payments, trading across border and enforcing contracts.
India is lacking in limited micro financing, outdated labor laws, high cost of labor, and 85 Percent agri labor in informal sector.
The top 5 countries are 
1.New Zealand,
4.Hong Kong, 
5.South Korea.

4. Mother Teresa Award: 
Dr. Sarada Menon founder of Schizophrenia Research foundation (SCARF) has won the Mother Teresa Award from Indian Development foundation
She said after receiving award that Compassion and kindness are languages that the deaf can hear and the blind can see and the mentally ill can understand


TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 27

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1. India And New Zealand Signed three Agreements
India has signed three agreements with New Zealand on 
·                     Avoidance of Double Taxation, 
·                     Co operation in field of youth and sport affairs, and 
·                     Food safety cooperation between FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) in the presence of Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart John Key.
John Key  is also said that New Zealand supports India's membership in NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group).

2.Man Booker Prize 2016 - Paul Beatty
Paul Beatty the writer from U.S has won the 2016 Man Booker Prize for the novel Sellout
Sellout a intense satire novel which explore the legacy of Slavery and racial and economic inequality in America. The Sellout Novel is published in 2015 which drew ecstatic praise from critics and writers and also it won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Friction. 
About Man Booker Prize:
Man Booker is a prestigious award in Literature which is established in 1969. It is a literary Prize awarded each year for the best novel written in English Language and published in UK. Initially it was awarded only to commonwealth countries , Irish and Zimbabweans . From 2014 it was awarded to all the English Language novel.
The winner will receive 50,000 Pound and pound 2,500 for each shortlisted authors.

3.India - South Korea - Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement(DTAA).
The Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement which signed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 at Seou will have effect in India in Respect of income derived in fiscal years beginning after April 11,2017.

What is Doouble Taxation Avoidance Agreement?
DTAA is also referred as Tax Treaty which is a bilateral economic agreement between 2 nations that aims to avoid double taxation for the same income in Two Countries.

4. Central Government Approved Establishment of IISER Berhampur, Odisha
Government of India( The ministry of Human Resource Development), has proclaimed Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Berhampur Odisha.
The main objective was to promote quality education and cutting edge research in basic sciences and to provide a platform for the faculty to engage in high quality education, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

The Kaliyattam Festival is celebrated in North Malabar, Kerala. Theyyam performed in Kaliyattam festival was most popular.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 28

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 

                                                                          - only exam point of view Current Affairs.
1. National Food Security Act - Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu 
 Government is finally announced that it would implement the National Food Security Act (NFSA) effective November 1.

What is National Food Security Act (NFSA)?

National food Security Act is also called Right to Food Act, which aims to provide subsidized Food grains to 1.2 billion people.

Highlights of Food Security Act 
This act ensure that the two- third of nation population will get 5kg of Food Grain Everymonth

The poor households would continue to recieve monthly entitlement of 35 Kgs under the 
"Antyodaya Anna Yojana" at a subsidized price of Rs. 1 per Kg for millets, Rs. 2 per Kg for wheat and Rs. 3 per Kg for rice

It is 
world's largest social welfare scheme with the government spending estimated at Rs 125,000 crore annually on supply of about 62 million tonnes of rice, wheat and coarse cereals to 67 per cent of the population.
Pregnant women and lactating mothers would receive a maternity benefit of at least 6,000 rupees.
Children aged six months to 14 years would get take-home ration or hot cooked food.
It will give more authority to women in running their households, the oldest adult woman in each house would be considered the head of that household when issuing the ration card.
The work of identification of eligible households is left to the states/UTs, which may frame their own criteria or use social,economic and caste census data.
The central government will provide money to states and union territories if it runs low on grain . It also provided assistance in cost of inter-state transportation.

Tamil Nadu Stand:
At Present in Tamil Nadu, the maximum rice entitlement per card is 20 kg, but after the implementation all beneficiaries should get 5kg irrespective of age every month. 
Tamil Nadu Government also decided to keep minimum 12 kg per month for card has one Beneficiary.
Below is the detailed list which Tamil Nadu Government going to follow after November 1.

No of person
Rice Supplied under NFSA(kg)
Rice supplied present in T.N(kg)
T.N gvt from Nov1(kg)

2. European Union Prestigious Sakharov Human Rights Prize 
Nadia Murad and Lamia Haji Bashar , human rights activists from Iraq, has won the European union's Prestigious Sakharov Human Rights Prize.
These two Yazidi women has survived sexual enslavement by IS (Islamic State) after escaping from IS. they become advocates for their people. To honor their work European union has given this prestigious prize.
About Sakharov Human Rights Prize
It is established in 1988 by European union named after Russian Scientist Andrew Sakharov to honor  individuals and groups of people who have dedicated their lives to the defense of human rights and Freedom of thoughts.
First award was given jointly to Nelson Mandela and Russian Anatoly Marchenko on  1988.

3. Indian Government has approved the Transit Pact with Bhutan. 
Cabinet has approved a new agreement on trade, commerce and transit between India and Bhutan.
The Agreement will provide a free trade regime btw India and Bhutan and duty free transit of Bhutanese Merchandise for trade with 3rd Countries

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 29

TNPSC Current Affaris 2016

1. India and Russia BrahMos super-sonic cruise missile
India and Russia have agreed to double the extension to the range of the BrahMos Super-sonic cruise missile that the two countries produce together.It is going to double its range to 600 km.
Previously India was denied access to the missile technology with range more than 300 km which is not the member of MTCR(Missile Technology control Regime). India has recently joined in MTCR.
About Brahmos:
The BrahMos super-sonic Cruise missile project is developed by India based BrahMos Aerospace which set up in 1998. It is joint venture between India's DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) and Russia's NPO MAshinostroyenia.
Previously India has the range limited to 290km because India was not the member of MTCR.

About MTCR:
Missile Technology Control Regime is a multilateral export control regime . It was created to curb unmanned delivery system which could carry payload of 500 kg for a distance of 300 km. MTCR has 35 Member Countries. 
2. India is all set for 2nd Mars Mission on 2020 - MOM-2.
ISRO has Planned to launch its Mars Orbiter Mission-2 (MOM-2) in 2020. The MOM-2 will focus on new ways to look at Mars from its orbit which closer than MOM-1. It was designed more for reaching and orbiting the Mars.

3.Prime Minister Visit to Japan
Prime Minister Narendra Modi planned to visit Japan to strengthen bilateral ties with Japan. 
The visit will be for annual Meet and it will third Annual Summit meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and with his Counterpart Shinzo Abe. The Visit is significant which will give opportunity to take up the civil nuclear deal which is pending clearance from Japan.
The Last Summit in New Delhi in  2015 had outlined a "vision of working together for peace and prosperity in Indo-Pacific region and the world".

4. World's Biggest Marine Reserve.
The European Union and other 24 nations came an agreement to establish the World's Biggest Marine reserve in the  Ross Sea in Antarctica.

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 30 & 31

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1. Kate Rubins, Roscosmos anatol Ivanishin and Takuya Onishi Astronauts returned from ISS.

Kate Rubins 
from America, Roscosmos anatol Ivanishin and Takuya Onishi of Japanhas landed safely after spending 115 days in International Space Station.

Three Astronauts has landed safely in Southeast of the Kazakh steppe town of Zhezkazgan, which NASA has Confirmed.

DNA Sequence:

Kate Rubins first time Sequenced DNA in Space for the Biomolecule Sequencer investigation, using MinION Sequencing Device.

What is DNA Sequencing?

It is the process of determining the order of nucleotides within DNA. It is the method used to determine the order of four bases Adenine, Guanine, Ctosine and Thymine in a strand of DNA

2. Singapore Navy's Stealth frigate RSS Formidable (SIMBEX-16)

Singapore Navy ship RSS Formidable has reached Vishakapatnam for a Five-day visit to Eastern Naval Command as a part of ongoing Singapore- India Maritime Bilateral Exercise.

The Bilateral Exercise has first started when the Singapore Navy Ship began training with Indian Navy in 1994. This year was the 16th edition of Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX-16)

During Excercise Singapore is represented b RSS Formidable and maritime patrol aircraft fokker 50.The Indian Navy represented by INS Ranvija, missile destroyer, INS Kamorta, and many navy aircrafts, helicopter, etc.

3. India won the Hockey Asian Champions Trophy 2016.

India beaten Pakistan by 3-2 to reclaim the Hockey Asian Champions Trophy 2016 title. This is the second time India has won this title after its inaugural edition of the champions trophy in 2016 by beating Pakistan.

Goal Scorer:
Rupinder Pal Singh
Yousuf Affan
Nikkin Thimmaiah

4. Dominika Cibulkova won WTA in Singapore.

Dominika Cibulkova 
 won WTA finals by defeating Germany's Angeline Kerber b points 6-3 and 6-4.

5. United Nation has celebrated the Diwali first time. The Headquarters was illuminated with bright hues and the word "Happy Diwali"