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TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 25

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1. Neutrino in Tamil Nadu

India-Born Australian Physicist Chennupati Jagadish has backed the India-based Neutrino Observatory(INO) which is proposed to come in Bodi East hills in Theni District, Tamil Nadu.It is a particle physics research project to study about the atmospheric Neutrino.

What is Neutrino?

Neutrinos are elementary particle like electron, but which is not the part of Electron. An Elementary particles which is not broken further.

Previous Scientific Discoveries has found that there is 2 more particles similar to Electron called Muon and Tau. These 3 has Neutrino partner called Electron Neutrino , Muon Neutrino, and Tau Neutrino. The Electron, Muon and Tau are negatively charged particles and Neutrino is chargless an doesnt have mass.

Neutrons are found in abundance, because of weakly interactive nature, it is very difficult to study about it. Initially there was a thought that neutrino is maseless particles but recent studies reveal that it has small mass.

Neutrino Oscillation :

Recent Discovery that neutrino changes from one type to another as they travel. An electron neutrino which is produced in sun which converts into Muon Neutrino or Tau Neutrino on its flight to the earth which is called Neutrino Oscillation. This is the discovery which reveals that Neutrino has Mass.


INO has going to construct the Detector to detect the naturally Producing Neutrino in atmosphere. It will be very difficult to detect neutrino signals which is produced in atmosphere becasue of other particles signals in atmosphere. To come over this difficulty scientist has planned to built the observatory inside the mountain so they can detect Neutrino signal easily , because it can penetrate easily anything because of its weakly interactive nature.

About Bodi Lab:

The lab is under mountain about 1300 m deep. The Neutrino Detector is called Calorimeter. It consists of detector called RPC(Resistiv plate chamber) arranged in stack of  layers and it also consists of ,50,000 tonnes of magnetised iron plates arranged in stack layer spaces. This is massive detector weighing 50ktons and its the world's largest electromagnet.

2. ISRO has Started Landing test for Chandrayan-2 Mission.

Indian Space Research Organisation has started the landing test for Chandrayan - 2  in its new site Challakere in Chitradurga district , 400 km near Bangaluru.

It has started the series of ground and aerial tests which is linked to the landing of Chandrayan-2. The ISAC (ISRO satellite Center) which is the lead center for the 2nd moon mission, has artifically created ten craters to stimulate lunar terrain and test the lander's sensors.

ISAC will conduct many tests on avionics and electronics, testing the lander's leg followed by full test in Bangaluru and Chitradurga.

3. URJA Ganga Ambitious gas Pipeline Project:

Prime minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the ambitious Gas Pipline Project Urja Ganga in his lokh sabha constituency Varanasi.

This Gas Pipeline project is aimed to bring the piped Cooking gas to the people of Varanasi within 2 year and in another year to provide million of people in state of Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal  and Jharkand.

An 800 km MDPI pipeline will be laid and 50,000 household and 20,000 vehicle will get PNG and CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) gas respectively which cheaper and cleaner. It will be environment friendly.

4.Indo-Tibetan Border police (ITBP) 55th Raising Day.

Indo- Tibetan Border Police celebrated its 55th Raising day on Ocotber 24 2016.

ITBP has deployed on October 24 1962 to safegaurd the karakoram pass in ladakh to Jalep la in Arunachal pradesh covering 3488 km. This is their 55 year of raising.

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