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TNPSC Current affairs 2016 Oct 6

TNPSC Current Affairs

1.Jean-Pierre Sauvage. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa has won the Nobel prize for Chemistry for the work on Machine which is 1000 times small than Human Hair.

Jury said that they have developed the molecules with controllable movements , which can perform a task when energy is added.

This world's smallest machine can one day act as artificail muscle to power tiny robots or even prosthetic Limbs,

Jean-Pierre Savage - France
Fraser Stoddart - Brittain
Bernard Feringa - Netherland

2.Antonio Guterres is set to become the next United nation Secretary – General

Antonia Guterres is the former Prime minister of Portuguese , he is going to succeed Ban ki Moon

3.'United nation's International court of Justice has rejected the Nuclear Case against India . The case brought by the tiny Marshall Islands against India, Britain and Pakistan for failing to halt the Nuclear Arms

'International court of Justice is in Hague, Netherlands . It is referred to be a world bank.

4.'Union Government has approved " the HIV and AIDS Bill 2014" . This will protect he AIDS patients againts any discrimination and could land in jail for 2 years along with fine upto Rs 2 Lakh for discriminating HIV positive people.

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