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TNPSC VAO Basic Study Material - about Jamabandi

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What is Jamabandi?

Jamabandi is also known as Annual Settlement of Village Accounts. It means Right of records and refers to land records. These records are maintained in each village , which contains the name of the owner , area of cultivation of land , shares of owner and other rights of Owner.

Who Prepares Jamabandi?

Jamabandi is prepared by Government official who keeps an maintain rights of record called Patwari. It should be attested by Revenue Officer.

There should be 2 copies of Jamabandi has to be prepared and one should keep in Government records and 2nd with Patwari.

The Main Purpose of preparing Jamabandi is to rectify the error which made by Village Accountant in village records. It is like giving second opportunity to the village Accountant to rectify his error in village Records.

Activities under Jamabandi:

The Land Revenue to be collected in each village after including the water charges, penalty for unauthorised occupation charges etc, which is finalised once in a year before end of Fasli which means before 30th June. This is called Jamabandi or Annual Settlement of Village Accounts.

Jamabandi which is also an annual review of work done by village administrative officer, Revenue Inspector, Tahsildar, zonal Deputy Tahsildar.  So the Village Accounts become final only when it gets approval from Jamabandi Officer.

Presiding Officer and commencement of Jamabandi.

The Collector, District Revenue Officer and the divisional officer should verify all the accounts and approve it in each Taluk. Collector may depute other deputy collector level office to preside over the Jamabadhi and finalise annual demand.

Jamabandi should complete before 30th June which means before the close of Fasli. It there is any delay in Completing before Fasli, there should be proper permission from commissioner of Revenue Administration and with proper explanation to commence after the Fasli.

During Jamabandi it gives opportunity to the public to meet the officers to get solution for issues like water charges, penalty refund, patta transfer etc, also public issues like street light, Road facility, water facility ect.

 The Jamabandi will be conducted as per collector approval. It will be completed in one sitting. So records should be readily avalibale for checking.

In short Jamabandi is a checking of village accounts , to ensure that the all village accounts written correctly. With the help of Jamabandi , the income due to Government by way of Fasli Jasthi, Theervai Jasthi, B.Memos  charges penalty, proper and timely sale of fishery rentals and Usufruct of trees will be ensured.

Usufruct – the legal right of use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person as long as the property is not damaged.

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