TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 20

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.India and Myanmar has agreed to cooperate in security and strategic issues and signed three agreements.

Myanmar State Counselor, also the Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has said that Myanmar is behind India in the field of economic and Political development but we are confident that we will able to make up. India agreed to assist in Insurance, Power and banking Sector.

India also offered power supply from Moreh in Manipur to Tamu in Myanmar. India also partner in pilot LED electrification project in Myanmar Government Site as Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi Said.

2.India and China Conducted first time military exercises in Jammu & Kashmir in Eastern Ladakh. 

Army said that this Exercise is part to enhance interaction and cooperation between India and China, under the provision of Border Defence Cooperation Agreement 2013

3. India and Algeria is keen on Joint venture arrangment for a multi-billion dollar fertilizer plant located in Algeria. 

India Seeks 49 % share with Algeria's Phosphate block which having capacity of 6-billion Tonne.
India's Bilateral Trade with Algeria is currently stands at $1.5 Billion.

4. Indian Prime minister Narendra modi and Srilankan President Maithripala Sirisena in their recent meeting in sideline of BRICS Summit, they decided to scrap the coal project in Tincomalee,Srilanka due to environmental issue.

Srilanka has planned to build Liquefied natuaral gas, solar and wind power without affecting enironment. India offered to build a solar power plant in Trincomalee.

China already built power plant in Norocholai with the capacity of 900 MW in Srilanka.

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