TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 Oct 16

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016

1.India and Russia a signed 3 agreements worth $10 Billion. India Prime minister 

Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a agreement in BRICS 2016 for five S-400 Triumf Air defence systems and four Stealth Frigates and also a joint venture to make Kamov-226T Helicopters in India.

S-400 is considered as one of the most advanced long range defence systems wihch can tackle all Air-borne targets at a range of upto 400 km.

2.Kigali Agreement, Rawanda

1997 Countries came to an agreement in Kigali , Rawanda to limit Global Warming (HFCsemmission ) mainly from Air conditioners.

HFCs Hydro fluorocarbons a family of green house gas that are mainly released from Air-conditioner and Refrigerator. The Agreement would lead to reduction of 0.5 Degree global temperature by end of the Century.

India's Stand:

India will freeze using HFCs by 2028 on a 2024-2026 baseline which means India will not emit more HFC after 2031.

US has agreed to freeze HFC on 2019 or ealier.

3.Indian Vice- President Hamid Ansari   has set to sign 2 agreements between India And Hungary ,one of them is relating to water management and others in Information Technology. 

4. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) has started 3rd and 4th units after successfully completing 1st tow units VVer 1,000- MWe,

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