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         All children have the right to education that helps to grow and develops to the fullest.

Meaning of child centered education

    Child centered education seeks to provide natural flow of activities and revolt against subject- centered education. The child allow to enjoy complete freedom of action ,  that he/she should not interfere with the freedom of others.

Important characteristics of child centered education

      The child should be allowed to learn from the nature.
The present life of the child should form the basis of education.

      Educational activities should be in accordance with the nature of the child ,  it’s interests and potentials.

      Natural interests of the child like play and curiosity to know ,  should form the basis of education.

      There is no room for bookish knowledge and verbal information.

      Children should not be treated as miniature adults.

       The individuality of the child should be respected.

Promoting child centered education

The following points need to be considered for promoting child-centered education

1.     Freedom.

2.     Self – activities

3.     Process of spontaneous development

4.     Development of interests and needs

5.     Experience- based education


     Freedom is to be granted to the child to explore and discover things freedom is to be granted to the child to explore and  than getting secondhand information through books.


     It laid  great  stress on development of the child and child’s activity should stem from his/ her own interests.

Process of spontaneous development

   The child’s freedom and individuality find expression spontaneously in the lap of nature.

Development of interests and needs

     Education of the child depends on its interests and needs . The physical, social, moral, intellectual and spiritual development is the main objective of the child- centered education.

Experience- based education

        The child  to learn through self – experience which makes learning permanent.


      The child centered education serving as simulators of motivation for learning and development of the individuality of the child and its ability to think independently.


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