TNPSC VAO Basics of village administration - House Site Assignment ( RSO 21)

TNPSC VAO Study material- House Site Assignment (RSO 21)

 As per  RSO 21 the government will provide house site to the poor who doesn’t have house or land to construct house.


The annual income of the person should not exceed Rs 12,000.

Also he should not have any site or land.

Procedure for apply:

The person should first approach the VAO by specifying the purpose for requiring the land.

VAO should register the application and publish publicly in the village and notice pasted on the village choultry and on the site for any objection of any within 15 days.

Once completing 15 days VAO should send the application to Tahsildar once get his approval, VAO can pass the order as mention in RSO 21.

Assignment of House-site and condition.

In Village the maximum area assigned will be 3 Cents (1.25 Acres)

The Granted land can be acquired by Government at any time for its requirement, there will be no compensation would be paid to the grantee as per RSO 21.

Assignment of house site in Town:

Maximum of 1 and half cents assigned to municipalities an Towns.
1 Cent to the corporation

Assignment for Natham:

For Natham case, the Tahsildar will arrange to make entry in the house site application, he then forward application to the Revenue Inspector to inspect and report.

Condition for assignment

Once the house site is assigned , assignee should construct a hut or house with six or twelve months.
Assignee should plant 2 tree and also maintain them.

He cannot sell within 10 years, afterwards he can sell only with the permission of the Revenue Divisional officer.

Revenue officers and their monetary limit to assign house site:
  • Tahsildar- 30,000
  • Revenue Divisional officer (RDO) – 50,000
  • District Revenue Officer (DRO) – 1, 00,000
  • District collector – 4, 00,000
  • Commissioner of land Administration – 5, 00,000
  • Government – more than 5 lakhs                  

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