TNPSC English Study Material - Part C

TNPSC English Study Material

TNPSCS English Syllabus
14. Mention the Poem in which these lines occur

Granny, Granny, please comb My Hair - With a friend - To cook and Eat - To India – My Native Land - A tiger in the Zoo - No men are foreign –Laugh and be Merry – The Apology - The Flying Wonder

Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair –by Grace Nichols

Granny granny,
Please comb my hair
You always take your time
You always take such care

You make me sit on a cushion
Between your knees
You rub a little coconut oil
Parting my hair as gentle as a breeze

Mummy mummy
She's always in a hurry-hurry
she pulls my hair
Sometimes she tugs

But granny...
You have all the time in the world
And when you've finished
You always turn my head and say
'Now who's a nice girl?'

NOTE: The Above Poem has taken from Tamil Nadu Text Book.

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