TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017,21 for group 1 & group 2

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017

National green Tribunal cancels environmental clearance given to Neutrino project .

National Green Tribunal has cancelled the Environmental Clearance given by the Ministry of Environment, forests and climate change for the Neutrino project which was proposed to set up in Theni district of Tamil Nadu.

The southern bench of National Tribunal has cancelled the environmental clearance and asked the he project team to file for a fresh clearance from the Environmental Ministry

About the Neutrino Project: 
  • India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) which is proposed to come in Bodi East hills in Theni District, Tamil Nadu.
  • It is a particle physics research project to study about the atmospheric Neutrino.
  • INO has going to construct the Detector to detect the naturally Producing Neutrino in atmosphere. It will be very difficult to detect neutrino signals which are produced in atmosphere because of other particles signal’s in atmosphere.
  • To overcome this difficulty scientist has planned to build the observatory inside the mountain so they can detect Neutrino signal easily, because Neutrino’s can easily penetrate anything because of its weakly interactive nature.

About Bodi Lab:

The lab is under mountain about 1300 m deep. The Neutrino Detector is called Calorimeter. It consists of detector called RPC(Resistiv plate chamber) arranged in stack of  layers and it also consists of ,50,000 tonnes of magnetised iron plates arranged in stack layer spaces. This is massive detector weighing 50k tons and it’s the world's largest electromagnet.

What is Neutrino?

Neutrinos are elementary particle like electron, but which is not the part of Electron. It is the Elementary particle which will not break further.

Previous Scientific Discoveries has found that there is 2 more particles similar to Electron called Muon and Tau. These 3 has Neutrino partner called Electron Neutrino, Muon Neutrino, and Tau Neutrino. The Electron, Muon and Tau are negatively charged particles and Neutrino is chargless and doesn’t have mass.

Neutrons are found in abundance, because of weakly interactive nature, it is very difficult to study about it. Initially there was a thought that neutrino is massless particles but recent studies reveal that it has small mass.          

Neutrino Oscillation: 

Recent Discovery that neutrino changes from one type to another as they travel. An electron neutrino which is produced in sun which converts into Muon Neutrino or Tau Neutrino on its flight to the earth which is called Neutrino Oscillation. This is the discovery which reveals that Neutrino has Mass.

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