TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017 27 for group 1 & group 2 mains

TNPSC Current affairs March 2017

The Indian Navy decommissioned  iconic Tupolev-142M anti-submarine warfare .

Indian Navy has decided to decommissioned Iconic Tupolev-142M Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance (LRMR)  aircraft used for anti-submarine warfare ,which was guarding the Indian Ocean region for last 29 years.

As per official statement, it is one of the most formidable airborne  reconnaissance platforms around the world, was part of all majoroperations of the Navy since its induction in 1988.

About the Aircraft: 
  • It was inducted in Indian Navy at Dabolim , Goa from the erstwhile USSR in 1988.
  • It was then shifted its base permanently to INS Rajali in 1992 in Tamil Nadu.
  • Indian navy has inducted total of 8 Tupolev-142 M but currently only 3 of them are in operation.
  • The Tuploev-142M has four powerful engines, slender fuselage and swept wings and  which is fastest turboprop aircraft in the world
  • It is participated in operation Cactus in Maldives and operational missions off srilanka to provie airborne surveillance

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