TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017 15 for Group 1 and Group 2 Mains (ALL)

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017

1.Athikadavu-Avinashi water scheme  project get Rs 250 Crore Boost.

The Much Awaited Athikadavu-Avinashi water scheme project  gets further boost, as Tamil Nadu Government has sanctioned  Rs 250 crore for implementing the Project.

This Project aims to recharge ground water as well as solving drinking water problem, by chanelling the surplus water from Pilloor Dam (Athikadavu) during monsonn season to all the dry regions of Coimbatore, Erode mainly in Avinashi and Perundurai.

About Athikadavu-Avinashi Project:

  • During monsoon seasons because of extensive rainfall in Niligirs District, River Bhavani  gets extensive rainfall which cause excess of water to reach Pillor Dam located in Athikadavu in  Melur reserve forest Range, Coimbatore.
  • But the High and Dry areas of Coimbatore lack rainfall, so there was excessive bore well digging and erratic pumping of water by the population.
  • Due to this water table in the region has gone down tremendously from 600 to 1500 ft below the level.
  • So to get back the water level in dry areas, Athikadavu - Avinashi project is going to implement by channeling the surplus water from Pilloor Dam (Athikadavu) during monsoon season to all the dry regions of Coimbatore, Erode mainly in Avinashi and Perundurai.
  • Once the Project get implemented , it would recharge back the water table from Deep 1500 feet to just 50 feet from the ground level.
  • It also solve the drinking water problem facing in these regions.


2.India envisage Mission Fingerling to achieve Blue Revolution

Government of India has envisaged a mission Fingerling to enable holistic development and management of fisheries. The main aim of Mission Fingerling is to achieve the Blue Revolution target.

The target is to enhance fisheries production from 10.79 mmt (2014-15) to 15 mmt in 2020-21 and also the socio economic development of fishers and fish farmers.

About Mission Fingerling:

  • Mission Fingerling will help Fish Fingerling production, which is the only important critical input visualised to achieve fish production targets under Blue Revolution.
  • The Mission has identified 20 States as per their potential to strengthen the Fish Seed infrastructure.
  • The Mission with an expenditure of about Rs 52,000 lakh will facilitate the establishment of hatcheries and Fingerling rearing pond to ensure the fish production of 426 crores fish fingerling, 25.50 crore post-larvae of shrimp and crab .
  • The mission also gives importance on infrastructure, management and conservation of the resources through technology transfer to increase in the income of the fishers and fish farmers.
  • Also Production enhancement to achieve with the help of best global innovation also with the combination of production oriented activities like quality fish seeds, cost effective feed and adaptation of good technology.

About Blue Revolution:

Blue Revolution aims to increase the production of fish and Marine products. It was started in 1970 during Fifth five year plan. Blue Revolution helps in rapid increase of fish production with the help of new techniques.

3.The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016 passed in Parliament.

Parliament  has passed the Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill 2016, it was already passed in lokh Sabha and passed in Rajya Sabha through voice vote last week. It provided the government of India to Seize the properties left behind by those who migrated to Pakistan or China after wars.        

The Bill amends the Enemy property Act,1968, for the person who migrated to Pakistan and China baring them to take over their properties.

About the Amendment:

  • Amend is to vest all rights, titles and interests over enemy property in the custodian and declares transfer of property by enemy as void.
  • It applies retrospectively to all transfers that have occurred after the act was passed.
  • The definition of “enemy” and “enemy subject” to include the legal Heirs or successors of the enemy, even if the latter is a citizen of India or Non-enemy country.
  • As per new bill, the law of succession will not apply to the legal heirs or successor of the enemy.
  • Bill also prohibits civil courts and other authorities from entertaining disputes related to enemy property.

                                                                                               Source_ Indiatoday.

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