TNPSC Current Affairs November 2016 30

TNPSC Current Affairs November 2016 30

1.Center plans to amend the Groundwater management Bill.

Central Government's Water is planning to amend the Groundwater Management Bill. It will impose restriction on how the Groundwater can be used.

Bill will impose restriction to industries that it can use only recycled water  and activities like Gardening should use treated sewage water.

Bill will also regulate on extracting aquifiers for Pristine water.

2.Great Barrier Reef suffers worst ever coral Bleaching

Australian scientist has confirmed that mass bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef which killed more corals

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonder has suffered its most devastating die-off on record.

Causes of Bleaching:

In Northern Hemisphere , the summer temperature raised to 2 degrees above the normal because of natural El-Nino and man-made heating which  heated the water and caused severe bleaching.

Advantage of Coral Reefs:

Coral Reefs play a major role in Marine Ecosystem. It provides food ,habitat for fish and also serve as an important barrier protecting any natural calamities.

It also provides local economies through tourism and fishing.

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