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Achievements made under Hamari Dharohar Scheme:

TNPSC Current Affairs July 2017

Hamari Dharohar scheme aims to preserve rich culture and heritage of minorities through selective intervention under the overall concept of Indian culture

The Main objective is to curate rich heritage of minorities under overall concept of Indian Culture, curting iconic exhibition, preservation of literature or documents , support and promotion of calligraphy and Research and development of minorities.

Under this scheme two important projects have been undertaken

An exhibition of Parsis (Zoroastrians) “The Everlasting Flame” to showcase the civilization and culture of the Parsis (Zoroastrians) was organized in 2016

Translating 240 invaluable documents belonging to Medieval period on the subjects of Medicines, Mathematics, Literature, etc. from Arabic language to English, digitization and re-printing by Dairatul Maarifil Osmania (an institution established in 1888 AD) under Osmania University, Telangana. (as per official release)

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