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TNPSC Current Affairs 2017 February 7

1.Parliament passes payment of wages (Amendment bill).

The Lok Sabha has passed the payment of wages (Amendment) Bill, 2017 which enables employers to pay wages through digital payment or through cheque. The bill will now move to Rajya Sabha for its clearance.

The bill is moved by Bandaru Battreya , Minister of labour and Employment, which will replace the ordinance promulgated by President Pranab Mukherjee on Dec 2016.

About the Bill:

Under the payment of wages Act 1936, employer can pay wages either by cheque or by bank transfers only after written authorization from employee.

After passing the current bill, it will replace the older act under the payment of wages act 1936 and allow employer to pay the wages by cheque or bank transfer even without employee’s approval. This bill helps to curb the exploitation of employee by their employers.

2. Japan develops the new technology to make data transfer 10 times faster than 5G 

Researcher in Japan has developed a terahertz transmitter capable of transmitting digital data 10 times faster than 5G mobile networks.

Researchers from Hiroshima university and national institute of information and communications technology in Japan have reportedly developed a terahertz (THz) transmitter which is capable of transmitting digital data at a rate exceeding 100 gigabits p/s over a single channel using the 300-gigahertz band. It means it can transfer a whole content of DVD data in fraction of seconds.

Terahertz bands which can used for ultrahigh speed wireless communication in future, it can offer ultrahigh-speed links to satellite as well. It can achieve a communication speed of 105 gigabits/seconds using the frequency range from 290 to 315 Gigahertz. The range of frequencies is currently unallocated but it will fall within 275 to 450 GHz.

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