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B.Ed Practical Examination 2021 - Record Related Questions in Tamil (Part 5)


 Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University - B.Ed. II Year –Practical Examination

Record Related Question

Test and Measurement

Ø Introduction

Ø Test

Ø Measurement

Ø Assessment

Ø Evaluation

Ø Diagnostic Test

è Introduction

è Definition

è Administration of the Test

F Avoiding Distraction

F Distributing test papers to examine

F Timing

F Physical Comfort

F Supervision

F Ending the Test

F Scoring in the Test

Ø Achievement Test

è Definition

è Types of Achievement Test

F Objective Type Test

F Short Answer Type Test

F Essay Type Test

Ø Steps Involved in Construction of the Achievement Test

F Planning of  Test

v Objective of the Test

v Determine the Maximum Time and Maximum Marks

F Preparation of a Design for the Test

v Important Factors to be Considered in Design for the Best

v Weightage to Objectives

v Weightage to Content

v Weightage to form of Questions

F Preparation of the Blue Print

F Writing of Items

F Preparation of the Scoring Key and Making Scheme

Ø Mark Analysis

Ø Measures of Central Tendency

Ø Types of Measures of Central Tendency

F Arithmetic Mean  = A +

Where, d =

A – Assumed mean

N – Total frequency

CI – Class Interval

x – Mid Point


F Median =  x C

Where, L – Lower Point of the Class Interval in Which the Median    Lies

F – Cumulative Frequency

f – Frequency of the Class Interval in Which the Median Lies

N/2 – Half of the Total Number of Frequency

v Tabulation for Calculation Median

F Mode = 3Median – 2 Mean

Ø List of Marks

Ø Tally Bar Tabulation

Ø Measures of  Dispersion

Ø Types of  Measures of  Dispersion

F Range (R) = Highest Mark – Lowest Mark

F Quartile Deviation(QD)

QD =  

Q3 = L3  x C

Q1 = L1  x C

F Average Deviation (AD)

AD =

Where, d =

- Mid Point

 - Mean

F Standard Deviation (SD

SD ( ) = 2 x C

Here, d=                                                       

Ø Variance (V)

V = 2

Ø Coefficient of Variable (CV)

CV =  X 100

Ø Rank Correlation

   (  )

Ø Graphical Representation

Ø Methods of Graphical Representation

F Histogram

F Frequency Polygon

F Cumulative Frequency

F Cumulative Frequency Percentage curve

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