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TET Notes - Critical Analysis of Textbooks


   Critical Analysis of Textbooks

What is textbook analysis?

Ø Text book analysis is the systematic
Analysis of the text materials including
the structure, the focus, and special
Learning assists.

Ø The central board of secondary education
prescribes textbooks prepared by the nerd
for classes 9th to 12.

Ø The matter of inclusion of cartoons in the textbook Enhance the
understanding of the students but it
also creates some adverse remarks
in the society.

Textbook analysis format

1.     Book Identity

2.     Book’s Criterion

3.     Core competence

1. Book Identity:
              It identifies the book title, publisher, year of publication and the
standard for which it is prescribed.

2. Book’s Criterion:
                It gives the goal of learning the

3. Core competence:
             The core Competences are similar in each
chapter. They are more concerned about the general knowledge of the students such as understanding, etc.

Types of textbook analysis

1. Predictive analysis
2. Retrospective analysis

1. Predictive analysis:
            It is the completed textbook is
Analyzed before it is actually used in the classroom.

2. Retrospective analysis:
              It is the textbook is analyzed
critically after its use for one to three year in the classroom.

The characteristics of good Textbook

1.     They meet all the challenges of the curriculum.

2.      They are facilitative towards the completion of purpose of education.

3.      They must define a certain school of thought.

4.      They must define different people of a community that belong to different ideology.

5.     They must be according to the cognitive level of the desired group of students.

6.      They match to the intellectual requirements of the students.

7.      They must have progressive strategies.

8.      They use literalism and naturalism in their contents.

9.      Their material should be given along with the visual representation.

10.                         They must relate with certain pedagogy approaches.

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