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Tamil Nadu’s economy growth rate 7.9% in 2016-17

TNPSC Current Affairs June 2017

‘Tamil Nadu has clocked 7.9% rate of Growth in fiscal year 2016-17 which is one per cent lesser than previous fiscal year. Even though Tamil Nadu was affected by severe drought and demonetisation, state has performed better than many other states.

Stats :
  • The growth rate was largely driven by the services sector like previous fiscal year which has double digit growth of 11.55%.
  • The primary sectors like agriculture, manufacturing industries continuing in negative growth rate .
  • The growth rate of manufacturing industry has fallen to 3.98% comparing to 7.19 % in 2015-16 and agriculture with 2.69% growth.

Tamil Nadu has performed better than many other states. State has potential for more than 10 % growth if government concentrate on agriculture and industry sectors.

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