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Scorpene Submarine to get Air Independent propulsion.

TNPSC Current Affairs June 2017

To extend the endurance of Six Scorpene Submarine, Indian Navy is planning to install Air Independent Propulsion modules which will be done when the submarines go for normal refit after six years of its induction.

INS Kalvari , the first Scorpene submarine is all set to join Indian Navy in another 2 monts and would go for normal refit in 2023 and other 5 submarines will go for Induction at nine month intervals.

Advantages of Air Independent Propulsion:

Air Independent Propulsion is a system which brings a supply of oxygen on board the vessel, which helps the submarine to generate electricity even in under water.

It allows Diesel Submarines to operate without having to surface or to access atmospheric oxygen ,helps submarine to stay under water longer than the normal diesel –electric submarine.

About Diesel Electric Submarine.

Diesel electric submarine uses diesel fuelled generators to create electricity, but diesel engine requires oxygen to generate electricity. It makes submarine to come to surface to charge its batteries.

Thus diesel electric submarine cannot stay longer period under water, and cannot carry out operation in stealthy manner, which makes more chance of being detected by enemy ships and aircrafts.

Nuclear-powered submarines can avoid this difficulty, because it doesn’t require oxygen to create electricity. But it creates a detectable sound because of coolant system, whereas as diesel electric vessel is silent.

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