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TNPSC Current affairs April 2017 19 for group 1 & group 2 mains

TNPSC Current Affairs April 2017

Tamil Nadu chosen for Krishi Karman Awards, 2015-16
Union Government has chosen Tamil Nadu for Krishi Karman Awards for the year 2015-16 .The award is for state’s record production of food Grains award during 2015-16 in large category (more than 10 M tonnes).

The medium category(1 to 10 M Tonnes) award is for Himachal Pradesh and the small category( less than 1M tonnes) is for Tripura.

Key Facts about Tamil Nadu production:
  • Tamil Nadu had produced 130.63 lakh tonnes of good grains production in 2015-16.
  • This was the highest in last 5 years, previous high production is on 2014-15 about 127.95 Lakh tonnes.
  • Tamil Nadu producing 3.38 tonnes per hectare of food grains comparing to national average of 2.028 tonnes per hectare. It was 67 Percent higher than national average.
  • State has adopted an innovative, eco-friendly integrated pest management , post-harvest management , effective disbursal of micro irrigation subsidy and integrated soil health management to achieve the record production.
  • Tamil Nadu has received thrice this award since 2011. For highest food grains production in 2011-12 for highest pulses production in 2013-14 and highest coarse cereals in 2014-15

About Krishi Karman Award:
Krishi Karman awards were started in 2010-11 to reward the best performing states in production of Food grains and individual crops of Rice, pulses, wheat ,Coarse Cereals and Oil Seeds.

There are 8 awards which includes 3 for the states with highest production of food grains in 3 categories- large category (more than 10M tonnes) ,the medium category(1 to 10M Tonnes) and  the small category( less than1M tonnes). And the 5 awards for highest production under each crops Wheat, Rice, Pulses, Oilseeds, Coarse Cereals.

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