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TNPSC Current affairs March 2017 30 for group 1 & group 2 mains

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017

Supreme court bans Bharat Stage III vehicles

Supreme Court has banned the selling and registering of Bharat Stage III norms vehicles from April 1, 2017. Supreme Court Judges said that vehicles that are not BS-IV compliant should not sell by any manufacturer or dealers from April 1, 2017. People’s health is more important than the commercial interest.

About BS:

BS stands for Bharat Stage and is an emission standard given by Government of India to regulate the air pollutants coming from internal combustion engines.

It was implemented by central Pollution Control Board under the Ministry of Environment & Forests and climate change

About Bharat Stage III emission Norms: 
  • It was introduced in 2005 in 14 major cities and in 2010 it was introduced nationwide.
  • The main objective for introducing BS III is to phase out the two stroke engines used in vehicles.
  • BS III emission norms helped in bring down the pollution but it makes vehicle costlier due to usage of improved technology such as electronic control system to check the emission.

About Bharat Stage IV emission Norms: 
  • BS IV standards  emission norms was introduced in 2010 in 13 major cities and it will be introduce nationwide from April 1 2017.
  •  It aims to cut down the pollution which is emitted by vehicle like truck by 80% and car by 50 % emission comparing to BS III standard vehicles.
  •  It will cut down the emission of carbon monoxide from 2.30 g/km to 1g/km, hydrocarbon from 0.20g/km to 0.10 g/km and nitrogen oxide from 0.15g/km to 0.08g/km.
  • It also makes manufacturing companies to fit an evaporative emission control unit in all vehicles, which should lower the amount of fuel.
In Simple BS VI standard norms vehicle will cut down the emission drastically by half comparing to BS III vehicles.

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