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Union cabinet approves India’s Position at Kigali climate conference on Hydro fluorocarbons.

TNPSC Current Affairs December 1 2016

Union Cabinet has approved the recent negotiation to phase down the climate damage refrigerants Hydro fluorocarbons at the 28th meeting of the parties to the Montreal protocol at Kigali, Rwanda.
Montreal protocol aims to phase down the Ozone depleting substances, which came into force in January 1989.

In Kigali Meet India has successfully negotiated the baseline and freeze year to phase down the use of Hydro fluorocarbons.

It was agreed that there would be 2 sets of baseline years of developing countries. India along with other 9 developing countries have baseline years of 2024-26 and developing countries like China, Brazil, south Africa will have 2020-22.

The Freeze year for India is 2028 and can be extended till 2030 if there will be a technology review. The Freeze year for China, Brazil and South Africa is 2024.

About HFCs

HFCs (Hydro fluorocarbons ), a family of greenhouse gas that are mainly released from Air-conditioner and Refrigerator. The Agreement would lead to reduction of 0.5 Degree global temperature by end of the Century

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