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India Inks Rs 5,000 Crore deal with US to buy 145 M777 Howitzers

TNPSC Current Affairs December 1 2016

India and US has signed a for RS 5,000 crore deal to buy 145 M777 ultra-light Howitzers in the two day meeting of the 15th India-US military Cooperation Group (MCG). India has signed the letter of Acceptance which formalises the contract between India and US for these guns.

Mostly these Guns will deploy near the borders of China. This was India’s first deal for artillery guns since Bofors scandal in 1980s.

The first batch of 25 guns will come to India in fly-away condition and the rest will be assembled in India at proposed Assembly Integration and Test Facility for the weapon system in India with partnership with Mahindra.

The first 2 M777 howitzers will be delivered within 6 months of the contract being inked and rest will be delivered at 2 per month.

About India and US MCG

India US Military cooperation group (MCG) is a forum established to progress Defence cooperation between HQ Integrated Defence Staff and US Pacific command at the strategic and Operational Levels.

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