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TNPSC Current Affairs November 2016, 3

TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 November 3

1. Central Government has supended Kerala's dam plan in Across Siruvani river

Central Government  has stoped temporarily the construction of  Kerala's plan to build a dam across Siruvani river near Attapadi Valley for irrigation project.

Issues:  Siruvani is River which is a tributary of River Cauver. Kerala Government has planned to construct the dam across River Siruvani near Attapadi Valley to ensure use of the state's allocation of water under the Cauveri Tribunal. for this Tamil Nadu Government has opposed citing that it would disrupth the supply of water to Coimbatore city and also affect inflow of water into River Bhavani.

The issues has been examined in the ministry of Environment, forest and climate change and it is decided to keep the recommendation by the expert appraisal committee temporarily till the reference file in Supreme court against the order of the Cuavery water dispute tribunal are settled or till a positive consent from Tamil Nadu..

2. India and Palestine to be set up Techno park in Ramallah,

India and Palestine has singed an agreement for setting up a Techno park in Ramallah, Paletine.

The Decision to set up India-Palestin Tchno park has taken place during the visit of President Pranab Mukerjee last year October.

India is going to grant $12 million for the Techno park. The payment will be paid $3 Million on half yearly basis for 2 years

Once completed,the park will be a one stop solution for all IT related issues for business firms and investors alike.

This project will boost the co-operation between two countries and will help job creation, business and other opportunities for Palestinians.

3. IISER Researcher develped a compoud (Gelator) to scoope out Marine Oil Spill.

Recovering Marine oil-spill will soon become simple and cost effective . Thanks to Dr. Kana Sureshan and Amol Vibhute from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) have developed Gelator to scoope out Marine Oil Spills.

How Gelator Works.?

Gelator molecular contains partly Hydrophobic and Partly Hydrophilic. Hydrophilic helps in self assembling to form gelator fibers and hydrophobic responsible for its diffusion into the oil layer.

Researcher as increased the Hydrophobicity, to achieve better diffusion of molecule into the oil phase and enhance the oil recovery. It was done by adding Aromatic/alkyl group.

The outer part of fibre is hydrophobic , oils gets into the spongy network made of fibres then automatically oil loses fluidity and becomes a gel. As the self assembly is strong, the gel maintains its structure and rigidity under pressure.

It is powder form so it can be easily applies and does not harm environment. It can be reused several times but in case of crude oil, it cannot be recycled.

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