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TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 November 19

TNPSC Current Affairs November 2016, 19.

1.India's Largest indigenous  Missile destroyer, "INS Chennai" to be commissioned into Navy.

India's third indigenously designed Kolkata-Class guided missile destroyer, INS Chennai will be commissioned into the Indian Navy. INS Chennai among the largest destroyer constructed in India and built built by the Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders ltd in Mumbai.

INS Kolkata is the first ship which commissioned in 2014 and INS Kochi 2nd which is commissioned on September 2015.

About INS Chennai:

INS Chennai is 164 m long with displacement of over 7,500 tonnes and sails at top speed of 30 knots/h. It is the largest destroyer constructed among India.

INS Chennai will be placed under operational and administrative control of the Western Naval Command. It has ability to launch guided missiles and also enable to launch Anti-Air, Anti-Surface and Anti-Submarine operations.

It is also fitted with 'Kavach' chaff decoy system for defense against enemy missiles and has 'Mareech' torpedo decoy system for protection against enemy torpedoes.

2.Faster -Growing crops by improving photosynthesis - Journal Science.

Scientist has produced the Faster-growing crops by improving Photosynthesis in the plants, which was published in Journal Science.

The scientist said that they had found a way to boost a crop output by changing plants gene level to make them use Sun's energy more effectively. This will help farmers to yield more. Scientist also saw increase of 14 % to 20 % in the productiviy of their modified tobacco plants.

what is photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is a chemical Process which is used by plants, bacteria, algae and other organisms to produce glucose and oxygen, from carbon dioxide and water, using sunlight which is later released to fuel the organisms.

3. Brucellosis International Research conference 2016, New Delhi

The Brucellosis International Research Conference 2016 which including 69th Annual Brucellosis Research Meeting which is held in National Agricultural Science complex in New Delhi. It is organised by the department of biotechnology in collaboration with ICAR ( Indian Council of Agricultural Research)

The Conference addressed various issues revolves around the Brucellosis. Indian Government is planned to train villagers to handle the animal disease like Brucellosis. They also launched programme of 'Brucella Free Villages' on 50 villages on pilot basis.

What is Brucellosis?

Brucellosis is a deadly disease which caused by genus of the bacteria Brucella infecting buffaloes, cows, sheep, pigs , goats and other animals. It also affect humans . Humans will get infected by coming in contact with animals or animal product like, milk, meat etc which is contaminated with this bacteria.

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