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TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 October 29

TNPSC Current Affaris 2016

1. India and Russia BrahMos super-sonic cruise missile

India and Russia have agreed to double the extension to the range of the BrahMos Super-sonic cruise missile that the two countries produce together.It is going to double its range to 600 km.

Previously India was denied access to the missile technology with range more than 300 km which is not the member of MTCR(Missile Technology control Regime). India has recently joined in MTCR.

About Brahmos:

The BrahMos super-sonic Cruise missile project is developed by India based BrahMos Aerospace which set up in 1998. It is joint venture between India's DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) and Russia's NPO MAshinostroyenia.

Previously India has the range limited to 290km because India was not the member of MTCR.

About MTCR:

Missile Technology Control Regime is a multilateral export control regime . It was created to curb unmanned delivery system which could carry payload of 500 kg for a distance of 300 km. MTCR has 35 Member Countries. 

2. India is all set for 2nd Mars Mission on 2020 - MOM-2.

ISRO has Planned to launch its Mars Orbiter Mission-2 (MOM-2) in 2020. The MOM-2 will focus on new ways to look at Mars from its orbit which closer than MOM-1. It was designed more for reaching and orbiting the Mars.

3.Prime Minister Visit to Japan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi planned to visit Japan to strengthen bilateral ties with Japan. 

The visit will be for annual Meet and it will third Annual Summit meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and with his Counterpart Shinzo Abe. The Visit is significant which will give opportunity to take up the civil nuclear deal which is pending clearance from Japan.

The Last Summit in New Delhi in  2015 had outlined a "vision of working together for peace and prosperity in Indo-Pacific region and the world".

4. World's Biggest Marine Reserve.

The European Union and other 24 nations came an agreement to establish the World's Biggest Marine reserve in the  Ross Sea in Antarctica. 

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