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Tamil Nadu Police Constable Recruitment 2016

Tamil Nadu Police Constable and Sub-Inspector Physical Test and Tips

Physical Test Preparation:

While preparing for the Exam you can also make sure that your Body also should be fit for Physical Test, because only written exam will not help to get your Dream Job.
So keep your body Fit

Physical Measurement :

SC,and ST
Minimum 167 Cm
Minimum 157 Cm
Minimum 170 Cm
Minimum 159 Cm
Minimum 81 Cms
Minimum 5 Cms

Endurance Test
Candidate who cleared the Physical Measurement only allow for Endurance Test. Endurance Test is easiest one.
General Quota & Departmental Quota
Men : 1500 metre running within 7 minutes(1.5 Km)
Women : 400 Meter run within 2:30 Minutes

1500 running:

1500 m Running we can clear easily, so don't concentrate much about the 1500 m Running.

Physical Efficiency Test :

1 Star
2 Marks
2 Star
5 Marks

2 Star
1 Star
Rope climbing
Rope climbing
5.0 metres
6.0 metres
Long Jump or High Jump
Long Jump
3.80 metres
4.50 metres

High Jump
1.20 metres
1.40 metres
Running 100 metres or 400 metres
100 metres
15.00 seconds
13.50 seconds

400 metres
80.00 seconds
70.00 seconds

Rope Climbing:

Rope climbing is also called Filter test, because most of the candidate fails in this test. so concentrate more on Rope Climbing.

Some Important Exercise:

Pull up & Push Ups

These Two Excersice will help you for Rope Climbing, because Rope climbing is the toughest one in Physical Test. It will filter half of the candidate because most of the candidate will not climb in Rope. So these 2 Excersice will help you to  build you muscle power which helps to climb in Rope.

400 or 100 m running for Men,

Candidate can choose any one as per your comfortable, because you only knows about your capacity. 

Long Jump or High Jump
same as above, candidate can choose as per their comfortable.

Candidate should get at least 2 Star in Rope climbing, 400 or 100 m Running and Long Jump or High Jump to clear PET . If your written correct answer is more than 110 and you get 3 star in these 3 events , then 90% its confirm your Dream Job.

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