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TET Notes - The Mentally Challenged


                                  The Mentally Challenged

v Those with I.Q. scores less than 70 in a standardized intelligence test are called ‘mentally challenged’.

v They are also known as ‘Mentally retarded’.

v These children also lag behind in their physical, emotional and social development as compared to children of same age.

v An ‘Individual Educational Plan’ should be prepared and accordingly the programmer of teaching and assessing should be implemented.

Learning assessment of students with mentally challenged involves the following techniques:

v Giving them more time to do any task or answering questions, Use of demonstrations, learning by doing along with the teacher.Use of reinforces like visual and tactile cues etc. are to be increasingly used.

v Giving training in choosing the correct answer among the three provided and matching it with the stimulus given, Speaking, writing words and numbers correctly, Painting with different color options etc. and then assessing the performance of each child separately should be undertaken.

Other Categories of Students

v For normal children as well as low learners, orthopedically handicapped and the gifted in the class, assessment of learning and achievement should be made through written tests besides conducting oral tests and practical tests.

v For those with orthopedic handicap, appropriate provisions should be made available such as easy access to their classroom, therapeutic measures to move their limbs properly or remedial measures to minimize their forms of motor disabilities so that they could gain agility and functional efficiency.

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