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TET Study Materials - Curriculum Development From Top to Down




v Top-down policy is popular in many developing and developed countries to determine the nature of curriculum teaching and assessment.


v The top-down policy relates a hierarchical structure or processes that progress from a large to small parts curriculum development.


v Top-down approach in curriculum development begins the curriculum development from the educational administrators and brings it to the bottom people in the hierarchical structure of the administration.


v In this approach the topmost educational administrators or policy makers make the decision of how the curriculum should be developed.


v This approach is disseminated under their authority to lower levels in the hierarchy.


v Hence the educational administrators make curriculum changes and these changes are carried out by the various levels of administrators, and finally it is implemented in the classroom by the teachers.


v The teachers are supervised by the school administrators.

Advantages of top-down curriculum development:

v Uses of the curriculum and its implementation are realized easily.


v It enhances automation in the system.


v It is useful for the large number of learners.


v It enhances management skills and it broadens the organization.


v It is useful for a centralized structure of organization.


v Changes in the curriculum can be easily disseminated. 


v It enables the control of curriculum content by subject matter specialists.


v Central administration supports all of the subject matter concepts incorporated in the curriculum.


v It enhances the efficiency of curriculum development.


v Teachers and school managers who implement the curriculum in the classroom have no control over the subject matter.


v There is no opportunity for teachers input and feedback.


v The organizational structures have to be changed in accordance with the needs of the curriculum.


v It requires the greater co-operation of the entire structure of the administration.

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