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TNPSC English Study Material- Figure of Speech " Oxymoron and Onomatopoeia"

Figure of Speech


Oxymoron are figures of speech in which two opposing terms are combined in order to get effect .


It is used to make the person stop and think, whether it’s to laugh or to ponder.

“Clearly confused”

If you check the above words, clearly and confused have completely opposite meanings, but bringing together to produce a verbally puzzling, yet engaging effect ( to make readers little confuse).     

More Example from Syllabus:

Not Enjoyment, and not sorrow



It is a word, which imitates the natural sounds. It creates sound effect to the words and gives more expressive and interesting to the reader who reads the word


"The stone fell into the river with a splash"

In the above example “ the stone fell into the river with a splash”. the word splash gives reader more expression and sound effect ,rather than just reading “ the stone fell into the river”.

More example:

Buzz, Meow, bark etc.

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