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TNPSC Current Affairs July 27, 2017 for Group 1, Group 2,2a, Group 4, VAO and other exams

TNPSC Current Affairs July 2017

1.Prime Minister launched Deep Sea fishing project in Rameswaram.

Prime Minister has launched Deep Sea fishing project in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, to find a permanent solution to the annoying Fishermen issue. As per the new scheme over 2000  trawlers will switch over to construct tuna longliner trawlers under the ‘Blue Revolution’ scheme.

The project will replace the trawlers with 2000 deep-sea fishing boats with long lines and gill nets in 3 years. The production of deep-sea fishing boats takes 9 months but as per project, it planned to compress the period into 6 months.

 It also end the Indian fishermen trespass the Sri Lankan water while fishing in Palk straight and get arrested by Sri Lankan Navy.

As per the project, Centre would sponsor the beneficiary with 50 per cent and State government with 20 Per cent. Then Beneficiary has to contribute 10 per cent and beneficiaries would be helped to raise 20 Per cent institutional finance.

Why Deep Sea fishing project?
  • The deep sea Fishing project aims to end the bottom trawling by Indian Fisherman.
  • The project will train the fisherman in deep sea fishing and capacity building and the Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi, has come forward to open a training centre for deep-sea fishing in Kanniyakumari district
  • The deep sea voyage duration is around 15 to 28 days, it can yield 8-10 tonnes of fish and get profit around Rs 7- 8 lakhs. 

Bottom Trawling and its impact: 
  • Bottom Trawling is the main issue between Indian and Srilankan Fisherman.
  • Bottom Trawling is a trawling along the sea floor using heavily weighted nets, which is considered very bad in fishing circles as it wipes out everything in their path including coral reefs, sea grasses or rock gardens which fish hide from predators.
  • Bottom trawling will end up many creatures mistakenly including endangered fish and even vulnerable corals which can live for several years.
  • It also destroys large areas of seafloor habitat which give food and shelter to marine species and this will leave the marine ecosystem permanently damaged

2.Carbon dating confirms Keezhadi Excavation is from sangam era..

The 2 samples sent by Archaeological survey of India for Carbon dating from Keezhadi site has confirmed by USA’s Beta Analitc Inc ,that it belongs to Sangam era which is more than 2,200 years old.
Carbon Dating has confirmed that 2 samples are belonging to 3rd Century BC and now it will help to reconstruct the ancient Tamil society.

About Carbon Dating: (source:NCERT)
  • Radiocarbon or carbon 14(C14) is a radioactive isotope of carbon which is present in all living objects. It decays like all radio-active substancs, at a uniform rate.
  • When an object is living, the process of the decay of C14 is neutralized by absorption of C14 through air and food.
  • However when an object ceases to be alive, its C14 content continues to decay at uniform rate but it ceases to absorb from C14 air and food.
  • By measuring the loss of C14 content in an ancient object, its age can be determined.
  • The decay of C14 takes place at a uniform rate. It is known that the half-life C14 of is 5568 years.

3.Gethsie Shanmugam, Sri Lankan teacher wins Ramon Magasaysay award.

Sri Lankan teacher Gethsie Shanmugam , has won the one among the six recipient of Ramson Magasaysay award for counselled war widows and orphans to overcome their nightmares.

The other 5 winners are
2.Yoshiaki Ishizawa, Japanese historian for helping Cambodians to preserve Angkor temples.
3.Abdon Nababan, an Indonesian working for the return of large tracts of forest land to indigenous communities,
4.Tony Tay, Singapore businessman who leads the cooking of 6,000 meals a day for the destitute,
5. The Philippine Educational Theater Association, a theater group which stood up to a dictatorship and Lilia de Lima,
6. Filipino who oversaw the opening of job-generating export processing zones(source dailymirror).

 About Ramon Magasaysay award:

Ramon Magsaysay award is an annual award to perpetuate former Philippines president Ramon Magsaysay, which is estabished on 1957 for courageous service to the people, and pragmatic idealism within a democratic society by the trustee of Rockfeller brothers fund based on US. This award is considered as Asia's Nobel Prize.

4.11th Foundation Day of Ministry of Earth Sciences.

The 11th foundation day of Ministry of Earth Sciences has celebrated in New Delhi and it has launched two Mobile Apps  on its 11th foundation day celebration.
‘India Quake’ for dissemination of earthquake parameters
‘Sagar Vani’ to disseminate ocean information and alerts to the user community in timely manner.

5.PM inaugurates Abdul Kalam’s memorial

Prime Minister NArendra Modi has unaugurated the Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam’s memorial in Peikarumbu, Rameshwaram , Tamil Nadu.
6.Hillary Clinton released her new book “What Happened “

Hillary Clinton has released her new book “What Happened” in US.

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