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India japan nuclear deal came into force

TNPSC Current Affairs July 2017

India and Japan civil nuclear deal came into force that would enable Japan to export nuclear power plant technology to India. It also can assist with finance for nuclear power plants in India.

India is the only non- None Proliferation treaty (NPT) signatory with which Japan has entered into the civil nuclear deal. As per deal Japan will assist India in nuclear waste management and could undertake joint manufacture of nuclear power plant components.

About NPT
  • Non Proliferation Treaty or NPT is also known as the treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
  • It is an international treaty to curb the spread of nuclear weapons, technology and help to use nuclear energy peacefully.
  • NPT came into force in March 1970. Initially 191 countries adhered to this; later in 2003 North Korea came out from NPT.
  • NPT countries are classified into 2 categories, Nuclear weapon state and Non-Nuclear Weapon state. NWS consists of US, Russia, china, France, and UK (all are permanent members of UN Security Council) and rest are NNWS.
  • Also NWS has agreed not to help NNWS state to develop acquire nuclear weapons.
  • India, Pakistan, Israel, South Sudan remain outside the treaty hence they possess nuclear weapons.
  • If they want to join in Non Proliferation Treaty they should dismantle all their nuclear weapons. Only South Africa joined in NPT on 1991 after dismantling all its Nuclear Weapons.

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