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TNPSC Current affairs May 2017 6 & 7 for group 1 & group 2 mains

TNPSC Current Affairs May 2017 

Quality of water improved in India-World Water Council.

World Water Council(WWC) said that the Quality of drinking water in India has improved in the last 5 years but a lot of work still remains to be done.

.WWC recently carried out a survey on water awareness in most parts of the world, it was done ahead of the 8th World water forum which is scheduled to take place in Brasilia, Brazil in 2018.

 About survey: 
  •  As per survey , 31 Per Cent of Indians said that they are in situation where it was unsafe to drink water but they had no other choice. 
  • 71 Per cent of Indians said that they are drinking safe water and it has improved in last 5 years
  •  62 Per cent believed that government has taken necessary step to access to safe drinking water.

About World Water Council.

World Water Council is an internaitonal organization which fights for better water management across the world. It was formed in 1996,it headquarters is in Marseille, France. It conducts world water forum once in every 3 year, the first World Water forum held in Marrakech, Morocco in 1997.

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