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TNPSC Current affairs May 2017 11 for group 1 & group 2 mains(ALL)

TNPSC Current Affairs May 2017

1.Ministry of Agriculture launched e-Krishi Samvad, an online interface 

Union Minister for Agriculture and farmers welfare Shri Radha Mohan Singh has launched e-Krishi Smvad an online interface, which is a unique platform that will provide direct and effective solutions to the problems faced by farmers and Investors in the agriculture sector.

Objective of e-Krishi Samvad 
  • It will connect to ICAR Website and get the appropriate solutions from the subject matter specialists and institutes through web or SMS.
  • Investors can upload photo of crops affected , animals or fishes and they will be getting remedial measures instantly from the specialist.
  • In simple this facility is useful to get information pertaining to welfare and development of agricultural stakeholders

2. India’s first Genetically modified Food Crop Mustard, gets regulator nod.

India's central biotech regulator, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) has given its nod for India’s first genetically modified (GM) food Crop Mustard for commercial cultivation. It recommended its approval to the environment ministry for their final Approval.

Previously in 2010, the committee has approved Bt,Brinjal but it was blocked by then environment Ministry.

What is GM foods?

Genetically modified organism is a modern biotechnology technique which had new genes added themselves from other organisms to get crops new characteristics, like insect resistance, larger production, faster growing, environment protection and etc.

In simple it can solve many hunger and malnutrition problems in the world. It also protect and preserve environment by reducing use of chemicals.

Advantages of GM Foods: 
  • GM Foods has been modified to make them more resistant to insects and other pests.
  • It will yield  good quality and larger production even under a poor or severe weather condition.
  • GM Crops required less fertilizers, which make environmental friendly and less use of pesticide which make food healthier.
  • Farmers will get more income due to larger production and less use of costly pesticides and fertilizers. 

Disadvantages of GM Foods: 
  • GM Foods are not 100 % safe for people, according to survey conduct by Brown University, GM foods can pose significant allergy risk to people.
  • The main disadvantage of taking these foods and regular exposure to antibiotics may contribute to the reduced effectiveness of antibiotic drugs.
  • It can create new diseases.
  • Major issue is there is not enough testing and research done on GM foods , so the long term effects have not been discovered yet.

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