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TNPSC Current affairs May 2017 1 for group 1 & group 2 mains(ALL)

TNPSC Current Affairs May 2017

1.India to launch GSAT-9 or South-Asia satellite on May 5

India to launch communication satellite GSAT-9 on May 5 2017 using its Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-F09) Rocket. GSAT-9 is New Delhi's Gift to the SAARC nation as committed by Prime minister Narendra Modi in 2014.

About GSAT-9
  • GSAT -9 is a communication satellite which will provide  different communication applications in Ku-band with coverage over SAARC Countries.
  • GSAT-9 is  configured with12 Ku band transponders, with lift off mass of 2,230 kg and Its main structure  is cuboid in shape built around a central cylinder with a mission life of more than 12 years
  • South Asian countries can access atlease one trasponder in which they could beam their own programming
  • Satellite will help in  applications and services to south Asian countries in the areas of telecommunication and broadcasting applications.        

About GSLV:

The Geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle is designed mainly to launch the Communication Satellites into Geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO).

ISRO has developed two version of GSLV, the first version of GSLV MK II has capacity to launch satellites of lift mass upto 2500kg into GTO and second version of GSLV MK III has capacity to launch upto 4,000 kg in GTO

About Geo-Synchronous Orbit:
Geo-synchronous orbit is located 35,786 kilometers(22,236 miles) above Earth’s Equator which is ideal site for monitoring communication, weather, and surveillance. 

Satellites in these orbits appear to remain permanently fixed in same position due to its Geosynchronous nature, so it can be viewed from particular position from Earth.

2.Water bodies in Kancheepuram being revived at cost of Rs 476.5 lakh.

The Water Bodies in Kancheepuram District has been revived at cost of 476.5 lakh. The cost was allocated under Kudimaramathu Programme is being undertaken by water Resources Organisation of the PWD in Kancheepuram Distrct for rejuvenating the Water bodies.

Priority is given to reclaiming and strengthening the bunds of water bodies. District collector said, 49 works were prioritised and are nearing completion in most places.

About Kudimaramathu

Kudimaramathu literally means repair and maintenance of water bodies by people. People will contribute 10 per cent of project cost and work for managing water resources. The project will focus on deepening tanks, strengthening of embankment and repairs of sluices

About project 
  • 'Kudimaramathu is traditional practise where people will contribute some capital or work for managing water resources.
  • 'The project has been launched with the financial assistance of 100 crore from World Bank, it will help in cleaning weeds from canals, maintenance of lakes, strengthening their banks and other infrastructure activities. 
  • Going forward this project will be extended with the financial assistance from NABARAD bank in all districts at a cost of 300 crore for, desilting lakes and strengthening various water-related infrastructure.

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