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TNPSC Current affairs April 2017 04 for group 1 & group 2 mains(All)

TNPSC Current affairs April 2017

1.Defence ministry given approval to buy Barak Missiles.

Indian Government has given its nod to purchase the new batch of Barak Surface-to-air missiles (SAM) for the navy from Israel to enhance India’s Maritime capability.

The meeting of Defence Acquisition Council of the Defence Ministry chaired by Defence minister Arun Jaitley approved the purchase of Barak missiles which includes other proposals estimated at Rs 860 crore.

About proposals: 
  • Barak short range Surface-to air-missile is currently installed in most of the warships includes INS Vikramaditya which is built by Israel.
  • The life time of the current installed Barak SAM which has completed its life time, so there was an urgent requirement to replace the older Barak SAM missiles with the new Barak SAM missiles. 
  • The other proposals include procurement of expandable Bathy Thermograph systems to detect temperature changed under water and also the equipment to counter mines in the sea.

About SAM:

Surface to Air missile(SAM) is a missile designed to launch from the ground to destroy enemy’s aircraft or other missiles in Air. It is also called as Ground-to-air-missile

2.India and Malaysia Government signed seven MOU’s

Malaysian Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on his 6day official visit to India has signed 7 MOU’s with Indian Government for further economic growth and development between the two Nations.

The agreement was signed as the mark of celebrating 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties of both countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Malaysian Counterpart has singed the MoU’s

About the Agreement (As per official release)
  • MOU for Air service agreement between both countries
  • Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the proposed development of a Urea and Ammonia Manufacturing Plant in Malaysia and offtake of exisiting surplus urea from Malaysia to India.
  • MoU on Cooperation in the Field of Sports
  • MoU between the Malaysian Human Resource Fund (HRDF)/ Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) and EDII, Ahmedabad for cooperation in training, etc.
  • MoU between Association of Indian Universities (AIU), India and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), Malaysia on Mutual Recognition of the Educational Qualifications.
  • The MoU between Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), India
  • MoU between MIGHT Technology Malaysia and AP Economic Development Board on implementation of 4th Generation Technology Park in AP.

3.Plastic Eating Fungus found by Scientists –Aspergullus Tubingensis

Scientist from Chinese Academy of Science have found the fungus which eats plastics which uses enzymes to rapidly break down plastic material and could help deal with the problem of plastic waste.

Aspergullus tubingensis is a fungus which lives in the soil was found by scientist in a rubbish heap in Islamabad, Pakistan

Humans producing greater amount of plastics and most of them goes to garbage. Plastics will not break down like other organic matter and persist in environment for longer period and affects environment  

Various attempts to discard the plastics like burying, incineration,recycling are used but it is costly and ends up with human health issues.

About Aspergullus Tubingensis:
  • It is a fungus lives in the soil and scientist found that it also grows in Surface of plastics.
  • Aspergullus Tubingensis  secretes enzymes onto the surface of plastic and these enzymes break the chemical bonds between the plastic molecules or polymers,
  • Scientist also found  using advanced microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, fungus also uses the physical strength of its mycelia, the network of root like filaments grown by fungi to help break apart the polymers.
  • The Research is based on the way that other fungi feed on dead plant or animal material

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