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TNPSC Current Affairs 2017 March 3

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017

India’s first weapons locating radar Swathi handed over to Indian Army by DRDO

Indian Army get its first weapons Locating Radar Swathi handed over by state-run military weapons developer DRDO( Defence Research and development Organisation).

It also handed over NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical) recce vehicle and NBC drugs to the Indian Army.

About the Weapons:

  • Radar Swathi provides fast and accurate location of enemy artillery including shells, rockets and mortars. It also capable of adjusting the fire of our own artillery weapon. 
  • For nuclear Attack, DRDO have also developed a special vehicle - the nuclear , biological, chemical Reconnaissance vehicle (NBCRV), also handed to Indian Army 
  • The NBC Recce Vehicle Mk-I is capable of collecting solid and liquid samples of biologically contaminated areas, mark the nuclear and chemical contamination zone and transfer the recce data speedily to support formations, it is developed by VRDE (Vehicles Research & Development Establishment.) 
  • The NBC Drugs are radio protectors, de-corporating agents and antidotes for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) emergencies

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