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TNPSC Current Affairs 2017 March 2 (All)

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017

1. India signs Financing Agreement with World Bank for project " Tejaswini"

India and World Bank has signed an agreement for International Development Association (IDA) credit of 63 Million USD for the Tejaswini Project. Tejaswini project is a Socio-economic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls and young woman

The Financing Agreement was signed by Mr. Raj Kumar, Joint Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance on behalf of the Government of India and Mr. Junaid Kamal Ahmad, Country Director, World Bank (India) on behalf of the World Bank.

The Agreement was signed on behalf of India by, Mr.Raj kumar, joint secretary, department of economic affairs, Ministry of finance and  Mr.Junaid Khan, country director , World bank (India).

As per Finance ministry statement_ "The Project is to empower the adolescent girls with basic life skills and thereafter providing further opportunities to acquire market driven skill training or completion of secondary education, depending on the inclination of the beneficiary"

About Project Tejaswini.

Tejaswini is the first project of World Bank in India that is fully focused on the welfare of adolescent girls and young women.

The project will be delivered in 17 districts of Jharkhand, about 6,80,000 Adolescent girls and young women are expected to benefit from the project in these 17 districts of Jharkhand.

Project mainly focused on 3 components which include:

  • Expanding social, educational and economic opportunities
  • Intensive service delivery
  • State capacity-building and implementation support

2. India Successfully Test Fires Advanced Air Defence Supersonic Interceptor Missile

India has successfully test fired advanced indigenously developed Air Defence Supersonic interceptor Missile, which is capable of destroying any incoming ballistic missile at low altitude as a part of the experimental two-tier BMD(Ballistic Missile Defence) System.

DRDO Said, the Endo-atmospheric missile which is tested is capable of intercepting incoming targets at an altitude of 15 to 25 km successfully destroyed the incoming missile and all its objectives successfully met. It was test fired from Abdul Kalam Island (Wheeler Island), off Odisha Coast.

About 2-tier BMD system

The 2 tier Exo and Endo atmospheric layer ballistic missile defence system development started in 1990, and first being tested in 2006. 

The high altitude interceptor missile which tested last month has involved the "Exo-atmospheric" layer capable of hitting altitude of 97 km , while the Wednesday test involved in "Endo-atmospheric" layer which has capable of hitting altitude of 15 km.

BMD system of Exo and Endo has been tested more than 10 times individually. It has not been tested so far in integrated mode, with both Exo and Endo interceptor missiles together. Only US, Israel, China and Russia have this system now

3. Jitu Rai wins Gold in 50m Pistol at ISSF World cup 2017.

India’s Jitu Rai has won the Gold Medal in 50m Pistol at International Shooting sport Federation World Cup 2017. While Silver medal also won by India’s Amanpreet Singh in on-going ISSF World Cup in Delhi.

This was the first Gold medal in the on-going ISSF World Cup. Jitu Rai also won the Bronze medal in 10 m Pistol shooting.

Jitu Rai Shot a total of 230.1 a world record , Amanpreet Singh who was leading major part of the final but had to settle with silver medal after scoring 226.9 and the Iran’s Vahid Golkhandan took away the bronze with a score of 208.0.     

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