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ISRO test fired cryogenic upper stage of GSLV Mark III Successfully

TNPSC Current Affairs January 29 2017

'Indian space agency ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has tested successfully the indigenous developed most powerful Cryogenic Engine, C25 in upper stage of GSLV MKIII laucnh vehicle.

'The indigenously developed Cryogenic engine is tested in upper stage of GSLV  MKIII. The Cryogenic Engines are special engines which use liquid fuel and provide biggest pus to a launcher vehicle which is used in the upper stage of launcher vehicle.

'The upper cryogenic stage has challenges with liqied oxygen stored at -195 degree and liquid hydrogen with -253 Degree Celsius in Tanks.

'It is tested for 50 seconds at Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu in ISRO Propulsion complex (IPRC). This is the first test in a series of 2 and the next test is planned for flight duration of 640 Sec.

'GSLV MKIII launch vehicle is capable of launching 4 ton satellites in Orbit. It consists of 2 solid strap on motors, one earth torable liquid core stage and the upper cryogenic stage- C25.

'About Cryogenic Engine:

'Cryogenic is the study of substances at very low temperature in which gases like nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen become liquid at minus 150 degree or less.

'This is the reason we called this as cryogenics engine which use liquid hydrogen and oxygen as fuel.
'Cryogenic Engine was first used by US in 1963. India took almost 20 years to develop Cryogenic Engine.

'Only US, Russia, China, France and Japan has used Cryogenic engine successfully

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