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India, France Sign agreement on maritime Information sharing in Indian Ocean Region

TNPSC Current Affairs January 27 2017

India has signed white Shipping Agreement with France on sharing maritime traffic and maritime domain awareness in the Indian Ocean Region which will enhance Indo-French maritime Security cooperation in the region.

The agreement is signed to curb China’s expanding naval forays in the area where India wants to establish itself as the net security provider.

The Agreement will be implemented in next few months to enable both Indian and France navies to coordinate to stabilize Indo-Pacific Region.


India and France have been coordinating their naval movements and surveillance in Indian Ocean Region (IOR) to counter China’s Presence in Indian Ocean Region. India is setting coastal surveillance radars in the Indian Ocean region, which will monitor the increasing Chinese presence in the IOR. 

France has showing interest in sharing data from surveillance systems on its Indian ocean territories, the territories in the region include Reunion Islands,Mayotte, defense bases in UAE and Djibouti .   
China has military bases in Pakistan, Srilanka, Maldives to monitor the anti-Piracy Movements which is slowly rising in size and frequency of its deployments. 

The agreement with France will more helpful to India to watch the Chinese Anti-Piracy Movements in Indian Ocean Region.

India has 6 Surveillance systems in Srilanka, 8 in Mauritius and one in Seychelles and Maldives. 

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