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TNPSC VAO Basic Study Material

TNPCS VAO study material- TNPS VAO land revenue and revenue collections

Basic Information on Land Revenue and Revenue Collection

The Important Activity of Revenue Department is Protecting of Government Interest in Lands and collection of Land Revenue. The Duties of Revenue officers is to collect revenue from Farmers (Ryots.)

Revenue Payable by Farmer(Ryot) for their Lands:

1.Basic Assessment - (மதிப்பீடு)

2.Addition -
  • Fasli Jasthi 
  • Theervai Jasthi
  • Assessment on Unauthorized occupation of Gvt Lands
  • Local Cess on 1,2(a),2(b) and (c)
  • Penalty in Theervai Jasthi Cases
  • Penalty on Unauthorized occupation

  • Waiver of Assessment on Dry/Manavari/Wet Lands
  • Bailing Remission
  • other Remission
4. Collection of Water Cess.

Classification of Lands

The Cultivable lands receiving water from Government Irrigation are classified as wet lands. The lands other than this are called Dry lands.

The land which in on the foreshore of Tanks or near High ridges to keep rain water are Manavari Lands. In Simple Manavari Lands are Rain fed lands which mostly depends on Rain for Irrigation.

Crops Growing Season:

In Tamil Nadu First Crop or Samba usually started during Rainy season from October and harvested in January /February. The Second crop starts from Jan/Feb and harvest in April/May.