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TET Study Materials - Educational Thoughts of Rabindra Nath Tagore English Notes


    Knowledge and Curriculum

Educational Thoughts of Rabindranath Tagore

´ Rabindranath Tagore believed that during education a child should enjoy freedom.

´ He should be free from all compulsions restrictions.

´ He supported the idea that the most effective and powerful teacher for a child is nature.

´ He believed in international brotherhood.

Aims of Education:

1.     To develop the child physical activities.

2.     To promote mental development by providing more and more activities and experiences in the open field where nature teachers more than books.

3.     To develop an international attitude in children.

4.     To promote the moral and spiritual development of the child through self –discipline, tolerance, courtesy and inner freedom.

5.     To draw out all the latent faculties of the child. His self-development, self-expression, and self-experience can only are reinforced by individual experiences.

Teaching Method

1.     Teaching Methods should be based on the real problems of life.

2.     They should bring out the development of the child should be provided with more and more opportunities to investigate and research from original resources by free activities so that he gains knowledge directly.

3.     Tagore believed that “ Teaching while walking is the method of education “

4.     Tagore emphasized that teaching method should be full of life and vitality.


Tagore gave a very important place to teacher in his scheme of education.  He has compared a teacher with a lamb which is burning its flame, and the students that are lighted by this lamp.

1.     The teacher should behave with the child with great love, affection, sympathy and consideration.

2.     The teacher should always be busy with motivating the creative capacities of that he engages himself in useful and constructive activities and learn by his own experiences.

3.     The teacher should provide conducive environment to the child.


´ According to Tagore curriculum should be such as to develop an individual physically, mentally, morally socially and spiritually to the almost limit.

´ Curriculum includes history, geography, nature study, agriculture, horticulture, gardening, field study, laboratory work, original creations, arts, sculpture, vocational, professional and technical subjects, co-curriculum includes dancing, singing, painting, designing, sewing, cutting, knitting and cooking.


         Rabindranath Tagore educational thoughts are activity based and he advocated that children should be busy always in doing some constructive works.


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