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TNPSC VAO Functions and Duties

TNPSC VAO functions and Duties-VAO Study Material

Duties and Responsibilities of Village administrative Officer(VAO)

  • The major role of VAO is maintenance of Village accounts and Azmoish
  • VAO is responsible for collecting Land tax,  Panchayat Taxes and other dues .
  • VAO is responsible and maintain peace in Village, he should inform any violence, unnatural death , caste fight, encroachment , Natural calamities, etc  to the Higher Officials.
  • Issuing Chitta and Adangal for obtaining loan from Co-Operative Societies and other banks,
  • He is responsible to provide Community, Nativity, Income certificate for particular Village.
  • He is responsible of Issuing Certificate to farmers for various loans after inspecting recors and enquiry on Ground reality.
  • He is responsible for re- locate the people and provide food if there is any natural calamities
  • He Maintains all the accounts relating to cultivation, irrigation etc.
  • In Total VAO is responsible person for particular Village in all matter.

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