English Grammer For Exams

Here is the Easiest way to learn bassic English grammer to Crack all kind of Exams like SSC, UPSC, TNPSCexams


1.       Verb -  Action or State
             Example- Learn, Attend, was, were, scold, walk…

2.       Noun – It denotes a Person, place or thing,
             Example- Bike, brother, college, road, Police etc

3.       Adjective – which describes a Noun
             Example – Hardworking, three, Active, Young, upset, brand new

             My sister has ten apples.
             I am Fifteen years old.

4.       Adverb- Which describes a verb, an adjective or an adverb.
           Example – Always, regularly, along, often, etc.

5.       Pronoun-  which replaces noun
Example – She, he, her, they , you, their
6.        Preposition- which links a noun to another word.
           Example- To, in, with , from , on, of.

7.       Conjunction – Join clauses and sentences.
               Example- and , but,  when

Let us  see the Different types of nouns  Proper Nouns, Common nouns ,Abstract nouns, Material Nouns.

Proper Nouns is a word that names specific people , things or places.
Example- Chennai, Sachin
Common Nouns – which has common name
Example- Girl, Brother, Men, Bicycle etc

Abstract Nouns- which means the name of a Quality, which we cannot see, smell, hear or touch but can feel
Example- Love, Beauty, Sleep, Honesty.

Material Noun- it is the name of the material with which a thing is made of,

Example- Cotton, Wood, Steel etc.

1.       John Wrote a Poem
2.       They play Cricket.
3.       Kumar Bought a Football Yesterday
4.       I met my friend near bus stop.
5.       The lake is beautiful.

In Sentence 1,  John is the doer of the action , we call John as Subject(S)
In 2Play is the action word, we call play the verb(V)
In 3, Football answer the question ‘What’ we say Football as Object(O)
In 4 , My friend question ‘Whom’- we call Object(O)
In 5, Beautiful is describing word, which tell us more about the subject, we call as Subject Complement(C)

Example for Complement(C)

Look at the below sentences,
1.You are kind.
2.Sawetha is a doctor.

Complement can be a noun or an Adjective, it also helps to complete the meaning of the sentence.


Note the underlined words,
1.       Ganesh reads his lessons Regularly.
2.       Dinesh painted the picture carefully
3.       He wrote me a letter yesterday.

The Underlined words tell us how and when a particular action is done. This word is called  Adjunct.


Mari handled   the glasses carefully
                   S          V                  O               A


GROUP   II   &   II A          தமிழ்          பகுதி – இ தமிழ் அறிஞர்களும் , தமிழ் தொண்டும் புதுக்கவிதை – ந.பிச்சமூர்த்தி , சி.சு...