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TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017 13 for Group 1 and Group 2 Mains (all)

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017

1. Tamil Nadu Government to launch the water management scheme-"Kudimaramath"

'Tamil Nadu Government  to launch the traditional water resource management system "Kudimaramath" project, at Manimangalam, near kancheepuram dist

'Chief Minister K.Palaniswami to inaugurate Kudimaramath, a traditional water resource management system involving General public in the time of drought.

Manimangalam lake is one of the largest lake in Kancheepuram dist, which is spread over 3.42 which helps 800 hectare through irrigation.
About Kudimaramath

'Kudimaramath is traditional practise where people will contribute some capital or work for managing water resources.

'The project is going to launch with the financial assistance of 100 crore from World  Bank, it will help in cleaning weeds from canals, maintenance of lakes, strengthening their banks and other infrastructure activities.

Going forward this project will be extended with the financial assistance from NABARAD bank in all districts at a cost of 300 crore for, desilting lakes and strengthening various water-related infrastructure.

2.India to loss presence on U.N Scientific Body.

India for the first time in 2 decades not have a member in a prestigious U.N Scientific Body,  CLCS (Commission on Legal Continental Shelf) and UNCLOS (united nations convention on the law of the sea ),that decides what portions of the seabed can be used for mining natural resources like oil, metals and minerals.

Sources said that India will nominates candidate to another UN Body called ITLOS (the International Tribunal for the law of the Sea )

Function of CLCS and UNCLOS:

As per UNCLOS from the continental self, the coastal state has rights to explore or mining natural resources like oil, gas, metal, mineral and other biological resources of the sea bed. The legal continental shelf is extends up to 200 nautical miles.

if the continental shelf extends  beyond 200 nautical miles, state is required by UNCLOS to  submit the limits of the continental shelf to Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS).

It should contains outer limit of the shelf also technical and scientific data to support the claim. The CLCS will analysis and make recommendation. The commission’s recommendation are final .

About ITLOS:

International Tribunal for the law of the sea is an intergovernmental organization was established by UNCLOS (united nation convention on the law of the sea) .

ITLOS came into force on 16 November 1994, based in Hamburg, Germany. It established an international framework for law over all ocean space its uses and resources. It has 167 signatory plus European Union member.

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