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TNPSC General English online Guidance.

This page is dedicated to the candidate who chose English as the second paper in TNPSC Exam. This page will help you with Study Material, syllabus, preparation tips , online test and more

Important Note:

Candidate should give more concentration on General English, because we never knows what they will ask in General Knowledge. It will be more difficult to answer all the Questions but in General English they will ask Questions from 6th std to 12th Standard Samacheer Kalvi as per syllabus.

So it is very important to to get more than 90 Questions correct in General English. If we take 90 Correct answer then there is more to chance to clear the Exam

Books - only Tamil Nadu English Text book from 6th standard to 12 th Standard as per the syllabus.

TNPSC English Online Test from Model Questions and Previous year Questions

TNPSC English New Syllabus 2022

TNPSC English OLD Syllabus 

1.TNPSC General English Syllabus - (Source TNPSC website)

TNPSC English Study Material as per Syllabus

Part B

1.Figure of speech observed in the following poems:

2.TNPSC English Study Material- Appreciation Questions from Poetry

3TNPSC English Study Material-Important Lines from Poems.

4.we will update soon.

5.TNPSC English Study Material-Question on Shakespeare's Play

6.TNPSC English Study Material-Question from Oscar Wilde's writings.

7.TNPSC English Study Material-Dr Karl Paulnack

8.TNPSC English Study Material- Comprehensive Questions from Motivational Essays

9.TNPSC English Study Material -Comprehension Questions from the following description of Places


1.TNPSC English Study Material- Match the poems with Poets

4.Whose Auto Biography/Biography is this? - Will Update soon.

5.TNPSC English Study Material- Which Nationality the Poet Belongs to?

Part A



GROUP   II   &   II A          தமிழ்          பகுதி – இ தமிழ் அறிஞர்களும் , தமிழ் தொண்டும் புதுக்கவிதை – ந.பிச்சமூர்த்தி , சி.சு...