TNPSC English Study Material - Part C

TNPSC English Study Material

TNPSC Engllish Syllabus-What is the theme observed in the Literary works?
Snake - The Mark of Vishnu - Greedy Govind - Our Local Team –Where the mind is without fear - Keep your spirits high - Be the best –Bat – The Piano – The Model Millionaire - The Cry of the Children –Migrant bird – Shilpi

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16.What is the theme observed in the Literary works

Candidate should learn all the works of Authors given in the link especially the theme.

Atleast 5 or more questions will come from the works.

Note: All the notes are taken from Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Books.

Candidate should give more concentration on General English, because we never knows what they will ask what questions in General Knowledge. It will be more difficult to answer all the Questions in General English but in General English they will ask Questions only from 6th std to 12th Standard Samacheer Kalvi as per syllabus.

So it is very important to to get more than 90 Questions correct in General English. If we take 90 Correct answer then there is more to chance to clear the Exam.

we are hear to make you exam preparation easy by giving all the relevant English Study material to clear the TNPSC Exam.

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