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TET Study Materials - Mental Retardation




v Mental retardation means having an IQ measured as below 70 to 75 and significant delays or lacks in at two are us of adaptive skills.


v Mental retardation refers to a chronic condition present from birth to early childhood which is characterized by both impaired intellectual functioning as measured by standardized tests and impaired adaptive to the daily demands of the individual’s social environment.


Definition of American association of mental deficiency

           “Sub-Average general intellectual functioning which originated during the development period and is associated with impairment in adoptive behavior”.

Identifying the mentally retarded children

v Teacher’s/school counselor, analyze with the help of parents the developmental tasks of students.

v Administer a standardized intelligence test and identify those with I.Q. less than 70.

v  Observation of general conduct of student by the class teacher’s.

v  Administer a socio metric test and identify those who are social isolates.

v  By taking evaluation from teachers parents and peers.

Categories of the Mentally Retarded

                               I.            Morons

                             II.            Imbeciles

                          III.            Idiots




v The morons or the educable retarded have I.Q. ranging from 50 to 75.


v  These children learn reading and writing skills with great difficulty and as such are not able to go beyond elementary education.


v Such children do not derive much benefits from general education offered in normal schools.


v If they are admitted in special schools and educated by individualized instruction and training they could acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to lead an independent life.





v The imbeciles or the trainable Retarded are those with I.Q.  Ranging from 25 to 50.


v They have the capacity to take care of their physical needs and communicate them orally.


v Their disability is clearly visible and is unable to learn the skills of reading and writing.


v They are unfit to attend any school and acquire literacy.


v Through special education such children can be trained in the activities of daily life and also in simple vocational skills so as to make them economically productive and lead a normal life.




v The idiots or the untrained retarded are those having I.Q. below 25.


v They cannot act on their own their own but they have to depend on others.


v They  cannot attend or even take care of their personal/ physical needs


v  They can neither acquire literacy nor be trained in the activated of daily life or vocational skills.


v They require the Custodial Care of the family, continuously.

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