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TET Notes - Industrialization (தொழில்மயமாக்கல்)


 Social Bases of Education


Influence of Industrialization on Education




   Industrialization is a period of social and economic changes that transforms a human group from an agrarian society into an industrial society.


Changes in education due to industrialization


v Industrialization may increase education by increasing parent’s incomes and children’s access to school.


v Industrialization when locally focused increases the primary education.


v It also brings educational technology into the classroom atmosphere.


v Such as computers in the classrooms, a website for every class, class blogs, wireless classroom, on-line media and interactive white boards are the tools used to enhance the teaching - learning process in the classroom.


v Industrialization enhances educational technology so that the subjects are made easier to learn, improved students in their writing and the teaching is improved with new teaching methods.


v In higher education, high skills are developed in the professional courses because of industrialization.




v It helps to make economic growth.


v More efficient division of labour.


v Use of technology.


v Development of industries.


v It helps to improve the system of transportation and communication.


v Development of missionary action and communication.


Impact of Industrialization on Education


v Establishment of sufficient education institutions.


v Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization.


v Establishment of foreign universities.


v Availability of resource materials.


v Innovation and application of different technologies.


Negative impact of industrialization


v Decline of cottage industries.


v Mass migration from rural areas.


v Pollution


v Depletion of natural resources.

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