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TET Notes - Assessment and Feedback




v The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning.

v For this, the feedback followed by assessment helps a lot.

v Following the summative assessment, students who lag behind in learning will be identified, based on their learning achievement and diagnostic test is conducted for them.

v Based on the findings of the diagnostic test, the teacher will undertake remedial measures and to make the students understand the concepts in the subject areas in which they have difficulties in earning.

v All the remedial measures are not alike; they differ according to the nature and causes for the learning difficulties experienced by students.

v Some kind of learning difficulties could be removed by review and revision, some other learning difficulties may need ‘remedial teaching’.

v Measures like giving additional explanations and illustrations, making use of some more instructional materials and resources, providing individual attention to each student, increasing the participation of students in the teaching-learning process, increasing students’ drill and practice etc. they find place in ‘remedial teaching’.

v For some learning difficulties adopting measures like increasing learning motivation in students, solving their emotional problems, controlling the external environmental factors that affect student learning etc. may be necessary.


v Feedback refers to providing students with the knowledge of results obtained in the assessment test, based upon which they are informed of the deficiencies found in their learning, along with the recommendations for removing them.

v Generally, feedback is provided both after the formative assessment that are undertaken during the process of teaching and the summative assessments that are held after the teaching ended.

v Following the feedback provided based on the formative assessment test; the teacher and student together plan the ways and means of eliminating the learning deficiencies pointed out.

v Students try to improve their learning by adopting measures like the modifications needed in their learning methods, undertaking additional drill and practice, discussing with the teacher, peers and their parents and to utilize more learning resources etc.

v The teacher will also base on the feedback, try to incorporate necessary changes in his teaching method, use some additional instructional aids and devices.

v Stated briefly, feedback provided following the formative assessment will be useful to sides, the teacher and students.

v This kind of feedback results in the improvement of learning of all kinds of students.

v  Self- confidence, self-esteem and learning motivation of all students will increase.

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